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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Home Delivery Service Launched in Ho Chi Minh City

A FRIEND OF MINE HAS LAUNCHED A COOL WEBSITE FOR ORDERING FOOD FOR HOME DELIVERY IN HO CHI MINH CITY. While many restaurants do home deliveries, EatVn is the first service I know of which groups them all together, giving you access to multiple cuisines. On EatVn you don't need to make a single call, which is attractive to people like me who feel shy telephoning restaurants in foreign countries, wondering if we will get an English speaker on the other end. You don't even need to enter your credit card details either, just make your selection and wait for the goodies to arrive. When he launched the website last April, Swedish-born Palm Anders claimed to have about 20 restaurants signed up, with another 100 expected before the end of the year... (For the full story, click here.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pizza Hut Home Deliveries

I WAS CHILLING AT THE IRISH BAR AT THE FAR WESTERN END OF BUI VIEN STREET ONE EVENING AT THE END OF LAST YEAR. The young ladies who work at the Irish bar are well cute, and I was chatting with them on the streetfront, when I noticed the motorbike delivery dude dodging through the traffic. The logo on his bike read "PHD", but the font made me think it was in fact phở without the accent marks, phở being of course the name of that quintessential Vietnamese noodle soup. I joked with the waitresses: "They even home-deliver phở in Ho Chi Minh City!" I soon realized, however, that this dude was a pizza delivery boy, and that PHD meant "Pizza Hut Delivery", and he had nothing to do with carting soup. Presently I was handed a brochure by a couple of Pizza Hut staff walking/working the street, detailing the whole delivery service (and offering some discount coupons!) Now Pizza Hut might have a naff image in much of the world, but in Vietnam it is kind of cutting edge cool... (For the full story, click here.)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Pictures

Ca com kho stands in District 3, HCMC.

Food court/centre on its way to being demolished, as far as I could tell, somewhere between District 1 and District 5.

Two of my favorite things in the world: Korean food, and German beer.

Restaurant right next to my unofficial Vietnamese residence, the City Star Hotel in HCMC.

Chinese restaurant in Cholon... some kind of noodle joint?

Vegetarian restaurant in Cholon... Chinese tofu burgers anyone?

Looking through the window... into this popular restaurant near Pham Ngu Lao Street in District 1.

Back end of a popular restaurant... they serve spring rolls here I believe.

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