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Mystara, a world of high magic and intrigue. Where tales and myth come to life. Travel the landscape and visit many nations, from the great empire of Thyatis to the wizard kingdom of Glantri. Discoveries await for those brave enough to explore...

N e w s
.-= Tuesday -- June 11, 2002 =-.
Neverwinter Nights has gone Gold!!! This of course means the game should be available at retail outlets very soon. In addition to the good news, I also have had a few new webpage development programs made available to me. I will be saving the content, which I have been working on for release to this website, until I have had a chance to slightly re-adjust the layout. Unfortunately all this comes at the same time I am moving. So, I won't be able to touch this site again until at least August. In the mean time, enjoy the summer!
.-= Monday -- April 22, 2002 =-.
Announcing the Neverwinter Nights Beta!!! Infogrames (the new publisher for Bioware) and Bioware Corp. are now accepting Beta applicants. I'm placing the link under the NWN Links section. Good luck to those who enter! There goes my streak for updating every 'J' month.
.-= Saturday -- January 12, 2002 =-.
Happy New Year! I know, it's a few days passed the 1st, but I'll do it just the same. Well, who could have predicted all this mess going on around the world since my last up-date, eh? Go U.S.A.!! Anyway, I just came to up-date the web page slightly. It seems Interplay and Bioware had a falling out, but Neverwinter Nights appears to be going forth. They've even changed the website address, to which I've also up-dated my own links to point in the correct direction.
.-= Saturday -- July 07, 2001 =-.
One month already? Well, I have been working more on the website, needless to say. Lets see, some of the 'changes': I took the spells section off until I have a chance to break them up into smaller pages, and of course less loading time. I am coming close to finishing the past adventures section, its tough as I am really piecing it together from old notes, memory and a little duct tape on the side. *grin* I have completed my listing of immortals, but I want to add a little of their history as well, so that's where I am with that. This will be the last time I touch this page until around October, after all, real life and business are calling me away. So stay safe and have a good summer!
.-= Saturday -- June 02, 2001 =-.
Welcome to the re-opening of this site. Although not much in the way of content has been added, I will be addressing that particular task in the not to distant furture. Basically, to sum this up, my main reason for not upadating the site was, believe it or not, due to real life taking over. About everyone in the campaign, including myself, went out into the world. Well figuratively speaking at any rate. As we are all over the world, there is no physical way we could continue our Mystaran campaign. That is until an up and coming computer game (Neverwinter Nights), quite soon to be released, was mentioned to me. After discussing the concept and plausability with my group, we decided to continue the campaign we began a few years ago, using Neverwinter Nights. Additional information regarding Neverwinter Nights can be found by following the link.

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