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Alexander Crimson

Alexander had a fairly good childhood. He was raised within the city of Penhaligon by his father, a seller and trainer of horses by trade, and his mother, a devoted clericess to the church of Karameikos. Alexander was rather fond of stories. Hearing such tales as knights of courage and valor, being rewarded by a beautiful princess, for defending ancient castles. To him, these stories were like bread and honey to a hunger starved child. Although his caring father had hoped his son would one day follow in his path of horse rearing, his loving mother knew that it was not to be.
Alexander sought training from local knights and gaurds that would teach him. His skill at fighting increased as the years passed. Although his life was in Penhaligon, he knew that to prove himself a man, he had to undergo the "Shearing Cermony". A right of passage by which a young person approaching adulthood is seperated from the family and sent off into the world to gain knowledge and honor. So Alexander left for parts unknown, and his path to adventure began...

Huriks Drankin

Huriks lived within the forest nation of Alfheim. At an early age, Huriks was found to have a natural affinity of controling both sword and magic, and so was admitted into the elite force of the bladesinger. He spent three years in training before the war against the Shadow elves, a distant clan who were seperated centuries ago. The war claimed many casualties, including his family, before he was forced to retreat to the land of Karameikos. He has no idea of the fate which befell his fellow guild of bladesingers, for few survived to journey toward the south. Since that time, he has spent the years becoming familiar with his new surroundings. He now dwells within the Raddlebb wood, among the elven clan of Calarii, using his bladesinging craft to hire himself as a hunting guide and protector of shipments throughout the forest.
Upon one paticular hunting expedition, Huriks came upon a human that had apparently been dumped into a hunters pit trap. Despite the humans rough personality, Huriks felt a kinship with him. This was the time, in the year 1012 AC, Huriks began adventuring once more...

Albalastor Kessal

Albalator Kessal was born in the Karameikan capital of Mirros, to Ivan and Petra Kessal. Although they had little money, they still managed to maintain a decent family. His time with his parents, however, was short lived as both Ivan and Petra died as he neared the age of 12. This was a tragic time in Kessal's life as he had no money nor family to provide him with food and shelter. With no other means of supporting himself, he decided to chance living in the forest rather than residing within the crowded city.
Days passed and with no food in his belly, it was not long before he got into trouble. As misfortune would have it, Albalastor was caught up within a snare trap. Soon Boris Alken, a Ranger dwelling within the area, came to his aid. Not only did he rescue him from the snare but also from his past. Boris raised Albalastor as his own kin, teaching him the ways of the Ranger.
After being inducted into the "Watchers Of The Green", Albalastor was given an area to protect and his adventures were soon to begin...

Mystrom McGreggor

Born in the Glantri provinces, Mystrom was quickly drawn into the Glantrian ways of magic. He proved himself an assest to the great school of magic, by providing innovative and creative spells (which were quite amusing to watch, as most good spells tend to be). As he grew in power, his obsession with cleanliness also grew, until it became so great that he became an outcast among his fellow mages.
Mystrom continued his learning by becoming an apprentice to the mysterious Coal Stron, a mage obsessed with pain. He studied under his tutelage for quite sometime until finally being forced to leave because he lacked the conviction to perform the masochistic spells. After leaving the guidance of his master, Mystrom set off on the road to adventure...