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About the knives

The Arvas knivese are genuine handcrafted products, developed and made in northern Sweden. A robust knife, with a look of it's own, used by hunters as well as by fishermen and outdoor-people.

Each knife-handle is uniquelly patterned as it is made from sallow wood and/or curly-grained birch with in-layes of walnut, moose and reindeer horn. It is impregnated with two different oils and hardened.

The sheath is made of genuine cattle-hide with an in-lay, giving it that strong, sturdy build needed for tough outdoor use.

We use 4 types of blades:
Carbon steel (57/58 Rocwell C), Hammered carbon steel (57 Rockwell C), Stainless steel (Sandviken 12C27) and
Damascus blades (Uddeholm 20C + 15N20).

List of knives: (sizes in mm)
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Knife name Blade width Blade length Blades thickness Prices in US $ incl. shipping
The Bear Deluxe (Damascus steel) 21100490
The Bear (Hammered carbon steel) 21100490
The Bear (Carbon Steel) 211002,573
The Bear (Stainless steel) 21100374
The Moose Deluxe (Damascus Blades) 2180489
The Moose (Hammered carbon steel) 2180489
The Moose (Carbon steel) 21802,572
The Moose (Stainless steel) 2180373
The Ptarmigan (Carbon steel) 18752,569
The Ptarmigan (Stainless steel) 1875370
Sarek (Hammered carbon steel) 25130495
The Wolverine (Hammered carbon steel) 3075491

We don't have all the knives in stock, therefore allow 4-6 weeks before we can deliver them.

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