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Criminals & Gangs Anonymous

 Welcome Page

Please visit our NEW OFFICIAL CGA WEBSITE... is still under construction, bear with us as we are continually updating

A Very Warm Welcome Our Brothers and Sisters to

Our Humble Cyberhome

Where the Love of a Power Greater than Ourselves

holds us All Together as we strive to become Better People

through recovery from destructive behaviours and addictions

One Day at a Time


Welcome to CGA


CGA is an assertive, committed organization that seeks no monetary profit in achieving its primary purpose to help individuals who earnestly desire to disassociate from gang involvement.

CGA is composed of mainly but not only, ex-gang members, recovering from a destructive lifestyle.

CGA is a program of Vision. It started as we found ourselves earnestly wanting to recover but finding no place to truly feel at home.


We were addicted

not only

to drugs or to alcohol


We were afflicted with a seriously multi-faceted deadly disease.

We were multi-addicted ...


drugs, alcohol, illegal activities, crime and many other destructive behaviors,


were slowly but surely destroying ourselves


disease became more and more dangerous and deadly as time passes, for us as well for those around us, especially the very people who genuinely loved us.


wanted to stop


did not know how


Richard M

bless his heart

founded the CGA Fellowship in Mule Creek, Ione, California

Richard's Vision created a home for many of us and helped us


He is a Messenger of Life!


are carrying this Message of Life to all our brothers and sisters out there, through our first attempt in Cyberspace, hoping to reach out to criminals and gang members who sincerely want to recover from destructive lifestyles.


in CGA are committed to go to any length to ensure we do not backslide into the destructive lifestyle we abandoned.


focus on our problems with living ...

the way we think (view life, ourselves, others) that strongly influenced our decision-making.


also put emphasis on understanding how people, places and things trigger a compulsive reaction. We realize the essential importance in having a positive support network continuously around us. Our associations with people change, places we go differ from the past, things we do, are only positive, productive and within legal guidelines.


become our new "hang-outs" where we develop friendships with those committed to recovery as we are. This is of vital importance. We firmly practice being dependable to support and encourage one another. Our Experience confirms that we can find success and maintain it by giving back to others within our fellowship.



are carrying this message to you,

Giving the Gift back to others

what we ourselves have been privileged to enjoy

through our First Cyberhome

We Invite You to Come Walk Right In!


It is very important that we realize we were not born criminals, nor gang members.

We learned to adapt to this destructive lifestyle, no matter who our role models were.

This learned behavior is not a permanent part of us.

We can change it

Through adapting to a new way of living free of illegal activity and gang involvement.

It is our choice to learn to live peacefully and happily with purpose

Or, to self-destruct for no valid reason.


Richard M, Founder of CGA; Echoes of the Wounded Healer


Make Yourself at Home

Explore our Many Humble Rooms



The Problem - As We Understood it & the CGA Solution

CGA Twelve Steps

CGA Twelve Traditions

Why CGA?

Who is a Criminal and What is a Gang?

CGA Prayers

You Know What His Answer Was?

Our Own CGA Chat Den





Copyright © 1995 by California Gangs Anonymous; All Rights Reserved.

Please ask for permission in writing from the authors and CGA if you would like to use all or part of this work. Our CGA Conference Approved Literatures are continuously expanding. We would like to know if these materials are of use to you, so please let us know if you are to use them! 


email address for info and comments



CGA Services, Inc.

2049 South Santa Fe Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90021-2919, USA




this website is created by

Joydave the wounded healers

 dedicated with love to Richard M, CGA members and all of God's children

this website is continuously under construction

so keep coming back


Thank You