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Criminals & Gangs Anonymous

 Our Very Own CGA Chat Den

Welcome to CGA Chat Den



in CGA believe in Commitment and Courage to Change.

We look at responsibility eye to eye at the level of Honesty.

If we are truly acting responsible, we will make choices

between the Best Possible Options available.


Who want to become a participant in a CGA fellowship group

Is required to have a genuine willingness, and earnest desire

to withdraw from gang association and cease involvement

from any forms of illegal activity!



is a Self-Help Recovery Fellowship.

No One

is compelled to speak at meetings,

or have to follow strict rules or dress codes.

We have no restrictions on gender, race or age.

Within our society, no one is concerned about

what area you are from, what your favorite colors are,

nor what neighborhood may be tattooed on your skin.


Our only concern is that

each individual in the fellowship of


has an honest commitment to strive for




A lifestyle, free of gangs and any forms of illegal activity.


Rules of the CGA Chat Den


We take our recovery seriously with

Honesty, Open-mindedness and Willingness

Be respectful of others and you too will be respected!

Group Conscience

can and will boot hostile and profane visitors out from of our den!

We do not glorify criminal and gang activity, violence,

substance abuse or crimes of any nature.

We seek to learn from our past mistakes.

We do not seek continued disputes, hostility, and territory barriers with anyone.

We Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn

Our Primary Objectives are to discover a better way of living,

free of addictions and to reach out to help other gang members

find a peaceful, productive way of living

We are committed to carry the Message of Life,

rather than the Message of Death and Self-Destruction!

Please review our

12 Steps to Recovery and 12 Traditions

so you understand what the CGA family bond and traditions are about


If You Are Ready,

We Invite You to Enter Our Den



Grant me the Serenity

To Accept the things I cannot Change

Courage to change the things I can

And the Wisdom to know the Difference




Knock On Our Chat Door to Enter, Introduce Yourself and get a Handler Name



The CGA After Meeting Prayer


 GOD, make me a better person.

Teach me to understand people, no matter how big or small they may appear to be by my estimate. Show me where I have hidden my own defects of character instead of me finding defects in others.

Teach me to listen to what people have to say; to answer their questions unselfishly and fairly, or just to simply reply with kindness. Keep me from interrupting people, or contradicting them when they speak. Make me, as courteous and tolerant to others, as I would expect them be to me.

Forbid that I should spread poison gossip; don't let me laugh at others mistakes or resort to shame or ridicule when people displease me. May I never punish or condemn others, for my own selfish satisfaction, or to show I have more power than them.

Let me not tempt others to lie, deceive or harm people. And guide me, hour by hour, to demonstrate by all that I say and do, that honesty will produce a stronger character and ultimately, happiness.

Reduce, I pray, this evilness in me, for it is my greatest enemy. And when I feel out of patience with myself, help me God, to hold back a vicious tongue. May I ever be mindful that people are people, and I should not impose on them, the judgement left for You, alone.

Let me not rob others, of the opportunity to make choices and decisions for themselves.

Bless me, with the willingness to give, when the request is reasonable. And the courage to deny things I know, from my experiences, can bring harm by any measure.

Loan me, Your Wisdom, to have pure motives in all my affairs or endeavors. And fit me, God, to be an instrument of Love and Respect, so others will imitate me.



(Written by the Founder of CGA, Richard M)


 We see Pride as to esteem ourselves. We always looked down at people;

Never did see people equally - eye to eye level.

We were only concerned about how good we could look and see

how much attention we could get for ourselves.

It never mattered how many people we had to walk over rudely in the process.

We can and surely should love and respect ourselves.

But can we do so with Respect and Love for others?

In CGA, we learn to be at an equal level with one another;

not greater nor less than anyone!

Richard M, Founder of CGA; Echoes of the Wounded Healer

email address for info and comments


Statewide Services, Inc.

PO Box 255867

Sacramento, CA 95825, USA


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Joydave the wounded healers

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