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BioLeap  - Biorhythm (for Windows)


Professional quality biorhythm software for you, your family, friends,
customers, employees, etc.

now BioLeap on CD!!!

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Please note that the online version is only basic and hasn’t got many of the BioLeap features. See the BioLeap Demo first, then, if interested, check the Your BioLeap page.

Online Biorhythm

(please allow few seconds for the online biorhythm to download)
You need to use a Java enabled browser to run this applet. 

How to use the Online Biorhythm:

To try the online Biorhythm click on the "Enter" and then "Start" button and enter a birth date. Using the entered birth date, the program will plot a biorhythm and many more functions will be enabled. See below for the function details or click on the "Help" button.


Start: to enter a new birth date and a new biorhythm
Month +/- : to decrease or increase the biorhythm view by one month click the + or buttons
Set Date: to set the biorhythm view to any date in the past or future
Check boxes (physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitional): click or unclick these boxes to have only the requested rhythms displayed or hidden

There are four main rhythms: physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitional. Each of these rhythms goes through three different phases: high, low and critical. Watch out for the critical days!


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