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  The Fish Store

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When visiting The Fish Store in Atlantic, the first person to meet is our Umbrella Cockatoo, Bubba.  Bubba loves everyone and feels that it is her job to entertain everyone while they are here.

Looking cute & making new friends


Bubba's famous eagle imitation.

Lying down on the job.

We have tried to tell Bubba that she doesn't "ACTUALLY OWN" The Fish Store, but at this time she doesn't believe us.  We pride ourselves in our tropical fish, having some of the rarest varieties in this area.  Along with our fish we also have many healthy, happy animals, just waiting for a good home...maybe yours...
            I must admit, you MUST come in a meet Bubba.

Our line of healthy pets include:
bullet Tanganyika Cichlids and other Tropical Fish
bullet Birds
bullet Ferrets
bullet Lizards
bullet Geckos
bullet Hamsters
bullet Turtles

We pride ourselves in healthy happy animals. 
We make recommendations to our customers on how to keep your pets so they live the longest, happiest lives possible.  May we recommend for dogs and cats, Nutro dog and cat food.

Dog and Cat food
  It's only natural for pet owners to want the best for their animals.  Nutro provides an entire product line tailored just for your pet's needs.

  • MAX Puppy
  • MAX Adult
  • MAX Mini Chunk
  • MAX Natural
  • MAX Beef Meal & Rice Dinner
  • MAX Weight Control
  • MAX Senior
  • MAX Cans
  • Nutro Treats
  • Nutro Biscuits
  • MAX CAT Kitten
  • MAX CAT Adult
  • MAX CAT Salmon Flavor
  • MAX CAT Hairball Management
  • MAX CAT Senior
  • MAX CAT Lite
  • MAX CAT Cans
If you would like to find out the particular needs of your cat or dog visit Nutro

Pond Supplies  
The Fish Store in Atlantic Iowa wants to provide you help and support with every step of creating a backyard pond.  We have supplies and information to guide you through from the first step; deciding where you want your pond to stocking with fish and upkeep.  We are to help you enjoy the beauty and tranquil atmosphere that you get with a pond.

Along with good advice we have available:
  • Full line of pond liners
  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Skimmers
  • Foggers
  • Fountain Accessories
  • Algae control products
  • Fish food
  • Fish medical supplements
  • Fish Accessories
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Vacuums
  • De-icer
  • Water Conditioners
  • Informative brochures
  • Koi of all shapes and sizes.
There is no more lovely and tranquil setting in all of nature than that provided by a pond or water garden. And in taking care of his pond, a pond keeper not only enjoys its beauty and serenity, but gains an appreciation of the delicate ecological balance that must be preserved to keep animal, fish, and plant life alive and healthy.

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The Fish Store
13 W. 4th

Atlantic, IA  50022
Phone:  712-243-1760
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