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  The Fish Store

13 W. 4th - - - Atlantic, IA  50022 - - - 712-243-1760- - -

Above are:

Below are:

We also carry

  • Tetras
  • Live bearers
  • Barbs
  • Goldfish
  • African Cichlid
  • Sea Horses
  • Gourami
  • Snails
  • Rainbows
  • Betas
  • Pleco
  • Angels
  • Discus
  • Malawi
  • Tanganyika
  • Loach
  • South American Cichlids
  • Catfish
  • Danios
We carry a complete line of:
  • Filters

  • Food

  • Lights

  • Rock (large and small)

  • Plants

  • Ornaments

  • Aerators

  • Wood

  • And much more

Tank Setups
  • From 1/2 gallon to 75 gallons
  • Long Aquariums
  • High Aquariums
  • Bow Front
  • Hexagons
  • Wood grain
  • Black
  • Many Other Colors

Some pictures of our favorite fish - Tanganyika Cichlids

Altolamprologus Calvus Black

Males of the same age are much bigger than the females.

Cyathopharynx furcifer Kogoma

Males are  6" long and Females  are 4" long. 

Altolamprologus compressicepts

Cichlids like rocky areas

Neolamprologus buescheri Zaire

 The Fish Store has many kinds stop in and view our tanks!

Cyphotilapia frontosa Burundi "6stripe"

There is no other group of aquarium fishes which has evoked such a passion among hobbyists as Tanganyika cichlids have. For many an aquarist they represent a life-long addiction to keeping, breeding and, most of all, observing these interesting fishes. Tanganyika cichlids are the most interesting aquarium fishes known today. They provide hobbyists with a combination of attractive fishes, interesting behavior, and easy maintenance, with the added benefit that the sale of their offspring can sometimes cover most of the cost of keeping them.

Any size of tanks can be ordered, we have many in stock

Many types of fish -rare and not so rare on display all the time

Bow Front Tanks

Supplies for tanks


Food for every type of fish

Sea Horses

Large beautiful community tanks on display.

These are our Betta fish.  The Fish Store has many colors and varieties to choose from.  Bettas are extremely easy to care for, they are not social fish and like a small close surroundings.  They have beautiful large, colorful fins.

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The Fish Store
13 W. 4th

Atlantic, IA  50022
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