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Animals and Reptiles

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Grow to 48 - 56 cm long, this is including their tail.
Ferrets usually weigh as much as 1.5 to 2.5 pounds when full-grown.
Ferret Toys:
Ferrets love to play in tubes or other semi-tight places. Wrapping paper tubes from Christmas are perfect size for a Ferret  You can buy proper dry ferret food at The Fish Store in Atlantic.

Geckos are fascinating little creatures.  They like it dark and come out when it is dark to move around their surroundings.  Their favorite food is crickets.
MMMMMMMMMMMM ...sounds good for supper, doesn't it.

Bearded Dragons
Ever dream of having your own dragon?  They are diurnal (active during the day) and seem to fall asleep within minutes of the light going off in the evening. With proper care bearded dragons have lived for 10 years in captivity, and can reach the length of 22 inches, half of which is tail.  They have a mellow disposition and seems to enjoy interacting with humans.  They are mainly insect eaters, but will enjoy some greens and vegetables.

Teddy Bear Hamsters are such cute pets.  We have a several varieties of hamsters at the Fish Store.
One human hour is a hamster day, one human day is two hamster weeks, and one hamster year is 24 hamster years, so if your hamster lived 4 human years he/she would be 100 in hamsters years!

Our animals find good new homes all the time.  Therefore we are able to have a variety of different animals that change all the time.

Skink Lizards
Lizards often hear or smell their food before they see it. Their diet is mainly insects but they also eat berries and seeds.  Lizards' ears are small openings located behind their eyes. Their nostrils are at the end of their noses.


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