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It is evident These Rules Do Not Apply to The New England Patriots
Camera confiscated after claims of Pats spying on Jets

Outcome of investigation
Goodell determines Pats broke rules by taping Jets' signals

Officials' Jurisdictions, Positions and Duties. Responsibilities and positioning of each game official.

Referee     Umpire     Head Linesman     Line Judge     Field Judge     Side Judge     Back Judge

Definitions. Explanations of football terminology.

Summary of Penalties. Descriptions and categories of infractions.

Field. Descriptions of the field and the rules regarding it.

Ball. Descriptions of the footballs required for each game.

Coin Toss. Descriptions of the method of conducting the pre-game coin toss and the choices involved.

Timing. The parameters and responsibilities of rules and monitoring of game timing.

Sudden Death. The parameters for deciding tied games in sudden-death overtime.

Timing in Final Two Minutes of Each Half. Descriptions of time-keeping for the final minutes.

Try. Explanations of extra-point procedures.

Players-Substitutions. Parameters for player participation and substitutions.

Kickoff. Descriptions of kickoff regulations.

Safety. Explanations for kicks after safeties.

Fair Catch Kick. Explanations for kicks after safeties.

Field Goal. Field placement of kicks after field-goal attempts.

Safety. The specifications for calling a safety.

Measuring. The ball spot used for measurements.

Position Of  Players At Snap. Requirements for player positioning at scrimmage.

Use Of Hands, Arms And Body. Rules and exceptions.

Forward Pass. Explanations applying to the passing game. 

Intentional Grounding  Of Forward Pass. Conditions and parameters of this penalty.

Protection Of Passer . Rules regarding quarterbacks.

Pass Interference. The rights and restrictions of offensive and defensive players in pass coverage.

Backward Pass. The conditions and restrictions of laterals.

Fumble. Restrictions, spots and advancements of fumbles.

Kicks from Scrimmage. Regulations regarding scrimmage kicks.

 Fair Catch. Parameters for fair catches on punts or kickoffs.

Foul on Last Play of Half or Game. Specifics for the final-play situation.

Spot of Enforcement of Foul. Four basic spots from where penalties are marked off.

 Double Foul. The contingencies of double fouls.

Penalty Enforced on Following Kickoff . The conditions for penalties being tacked onto the following kickoff.

Emergencies and Unfair Acts. Outlining the authority of the commissioner's office and the referee.

Unfair Acts. Describes the commissioner's sole authority in dealing with instances outside the accepted boundaries of conduct.

Removing Team from Field. The penalties related to teams being removed from the field by any game personnel other than the referee.



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Eat Me!







Eat Me!


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