What is a Reciprocal Link?
Swapping Links?
Links exchange?

Reciprocal links exchange is one of the best and easiest ways to promote your website for free.
Reciprocal link means, that I place a link from my web site to yours, and you place a link from your web site to mine.

A reciprocal link is an agreement between two webmasters to provide a hyperlink within their own website to each other's web site.
 Generally this is done to provide readers with quick access to related sites, or to show a partnership between two sites. Reciprocal links can also help to increase traffic to your web site in two ways. First you will probably have some viewers visit your site from clicking the reciprocal link directly. Secondly, most Internet search engines also take into account the number of web sites which contain links to your web site; the more hyperlinks to your site found, the higher up in the search engine rankings (depending on the search term) you'll find your site.

I would strongly advise against random linking. 

By choosing sites relevant to the subject of your site, you maintain the interest level of your visitors in the topic they have just been exploring with you.

With hundreds of thousands of sites out there, there is just no need to desperately exchange links with everyone in sight. Focus is the key to attracting traffic;
after all, how many people will click on a link to a Star Wars web site while viewing a site about Little League Baseball?

Reciprocal Links Exchange

What is this?

Before you submit your site, please be sure and add my link to your site. If my link isn't on your Main Page, then there must be a link, from the Main Page to the Links Page of your Site.

If  you want to trade links with this site please use the following Html.code below
If you have any problems by using the form below or prefer e-mailing me 
you can do so by clicking here

No Adults sites are accepted

My image (banner) link code            My Text Link code


Indianapolis Colts Fan Based Website


Place the code below on your site to use the above banner: 

<!-- Begin  Code-->
    <FONT COLOR="NAVY"><B>Indianapolis Colts Fan Based Website</B></FONT><BR>
    <FONT COLOR="BLUE"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts"><!-- $MVD$:picsz("523","449") --><IMG SRC="images/coltsinfluence.gif" WIDTH="131" HEIGHT="112" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></FONT><BR>
    <FONT COLOR="BLUE"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts">www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts</A></FONT></P>
<!-- END CODE -->

You must copy the above image to you PC and place the image in your images directory of your website.
If you do not use a directory titled IMAGES then you will need to change this in the code above

  <FONT COLOR="BLUE"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts"><!-- $MVD$:picsz("523","449") --><IMG SRC="images/coltsinfluence.gif" WIDTH="131" HEIGHT="112" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" BORDER="0"></A></FONT><BR>

to the name of the directory you keep your images (photos, pics) in.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me via e-mail


Place the code below on your site for a text link: 

<!-- Begin  Code-->


    <B><FONT COLOR="NAVY"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts">COLTS


    <FONT COLOR="BLACK"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts">an</A></FONT><BR>

    <FONT COLOR="BLACK"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts">Indianapolis

     Colts Fan Based Website</A></FONT><BR>

    <A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts/news.htm"><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">News</FONT></I></A><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">,

     </FONT></I><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts2/photos.htm"><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">photos</FONT></I></A><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">,

     </FONT></I><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts/wallpaper.htm"><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">wallpaper</FONT></I></A><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">,

     </FONT></I><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts/schedule.htm"><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">schedule</FONT></I></A><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">,

     </FONT></I><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts3/cheerleaders.htm"><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">cheerleaders</FONT></I></A><I><FONT COLOR="MAROON">,


    <FONT COLOR="BLUE"><A HREF="https://www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts">www.angelfire.com/ia3/colts</A></FONT></P>

 <!-- END CODE -->

After including the above code, you will see this on your page:

Indianapolis Colts Fan Based Website
News, photos, wallpaper, schedule, cheerleaders, etc


The LINKS PAGE is frequently updated.
If you link to me, and you can't find your link here, please resubmit.