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In Memory of James Dungy
January 6, 1987 - December22, 2005
In memory of James Dungy
January 6, 1987 - December 22, 2005

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How to Be an Indianapolis Colts Fan



Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl XLI Champions! Peyton Mnning, Marvin Harrison, Tony Dungy . . the list is endless..


Difficulty: Easy 

Things You'll Need

  • Team spirit and an "I Believe" attitude

  • Colts replica jersey, jacket, T-shirt, sweatshirt or any blue apparel
  • Homemade signs, blue face paint or hair spray, anything to visually show support in the crowd
  • Internet (see step 5 below)


Step One

To start, you must love Indianapolis Colts football. Or at least like the team enough to want them to win every week. This requires developing a passion for the color blue.

Step Two

 The best way to be a fan? Dressing the part. In Indy, that means donning a replica Colts jersey. And they love their jerseys in Indy. Pick a favorite player-Peyton Manning is a hands-down favorite-and wear his number to the game or that favorite sports bar.

Peyton Manning's replica jersey is in high demand in Indy.

Jeans, khakis, corduroys ... Jerseys go with about everything and provide plenty of breathing room on game day. Colts hats, visors, jackets, T-shirts, sweathshirts, scarves, etc. also show team spirit.

Guys - nobody, not even the girls want to see you in a half cut/tummy Colts jersey. Girls - We guys love it when you do it. Please keep in mind the proportion of ones body.

Wearing a Colts Jersey with your name on the back -NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

 Girls just want to have fun watching football, too. In the last few years, National Football League merchandising has embraced female fans of football.

Made especially for women

This means no more bulky sweatshirts made for men and more feminine, form-fitting shirts, jerseys and jackets emblazoned with the Colts logo. There's even jewelry, purses, sleepwear and cell phone cases for Colts-fan chicas.

Step Three

To be a super fan, break out the face paints. Nothing says "I love the Indianapolis Colts!" like a blue painted face with a white horseshoe on the cheek.

If sweating is a problem, face paint can run faster than Marvin Harrison. So skip the make-up and try blue or white temporary hair color. This is especially effective for those with mohawks or spiked hair.

Step Four


Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Don't be shy about showing team spirit, even when attending a game at an opponent's field.

  • Be proud to be an Indianapolis Colts fan.
  • Go blue, or go home. 


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