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Indianapolis Colts
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Colts Influence
Tuesday, 17 November 2009
What the hell was he thinking?
Mood:  silly
Topic: Indianapolis Colts
Them Beantown boys went home this weekend after getting a beatin in The Hoosier City!
The Boston Celtics were outscored 27-18 by The Indiana Pacers in the final 10 minutes and The New England Patriots and Bill Belichick risked it all Sunday night.
And lost
One play will forever define this latest classic in the New England-Indianapolis rivalry.
Belichick, the New England Patriots' head coach, surprised many by opting to go for a first down on 4th-and-2 from the Patriots 28 with a six-point lead with just over two minutes remaining in a 35-34 loss to Indianapolis Sunday. He was criticized by many fans and media after the game when yhe Patriots failed to convert the first down and Indianapolis won when QB Peyton Manning threw for a 1-yard touchdown to WR Reggie Wayne with 13 seconds remaining.
Belichick called two timeouts on the series, the second to set up the fourth-down play - a short pass from Tom Brady to Kevin Faulk. It came up about a half-yard short of the first down marker, giving Manning the ball at the New England 29 with 1:57 left and all three timeouts - an eternity for the three-time MVP.
The Colts got the ball back on their own 29-yard line and scored the game winner four plays later. Manning ran three plays before finding Wayne for the winning score and left New England with virtually no chance to rally.
"Fourth-and-jackass. That's our name of a now-infamous play in New England Patriots history. Move over, Tuck Rule. You have company. Each and every week we see bad coaching decisions in the NFL, but never, and I mean never, have I seen one as dumb as the decision Patriots coach Bill Belichick made Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts. His brain was more frozen than Ted Williams'." -- CBS's Pete Prisco
When asked why he made the decision to go for it on fourth down -- running back Kevin Faulk caught the pass but was tackled short of the necessary yardage -- Belichick replied, "It's the same thing I said after the game: I thought it was our best chance to win. I thought we needed to make that one play and then we could basically run out the clock. And, we weren't able to make it."
New England (6-3) has now lost five of the last six in this series, while Indy remained undefeated at 9-0.
Coming up big when it counts the most has made Reggie Wayne one of the most beloved athletes in Indianapolis ever. His two touchdowns last night, including the game winner, was just enough to help the Colts stay perfect.
He had 126-yards receiving on 10 catches. Two of which were diving snags in the end zone, including the game winner with just 13 seconds left to play.
Colts WR Reggie Wayne made a leaping grab in the end zone with 16 seconds remaining. Matt Stover's extra point gave Indy a 35-34 lead, capping a four-play drive that started at Indy's 29-yard line after the two-minute warning.
How about the reemergence of Joseph Addai as a major cog in the Indianapolis Colts offense. With the Boys in Blue still struggling to get it going on the ground, Addai has come up big when it counts. He had two more touchdowns last night which gives him five total over the Colts past three games. Also, Addai's 13-yard run on the Colts final drive placed Peyton and the offense just one yard away from pay dirt. This allowed the Colts to run the clock down before punching in for six, thus leaving the Patriots virtually no time left to try and score.
Colts RB Joseph Addai hurt his right hand in the first quarter, went to the locker room and returned to action in the second half with his ring and middle fingers taped together.
Colts WR Pierre Garcon left the game after falling beyond the end zone in the second quarter. He had his left foot wrapped on the sideline and returned on the next series
In what is now their third consecutive come from behind fourth quarter victory, the Colts showed that they believe anything is possible with their team. No matter how bad it looks, until 60 minutes has expired they are not giving up.
Just how great are the Indianapolis Colts fan truly? . Against a powerful team like the Patriots, and with an offense that only scored 14 points in the first three quarters, very few people left Lucas Oil before the final whistle. They were just as loud on the faithful fourth and two as they were during New England's first possession three hours earlier.
Jim Caldwell is still posting a goose egg in the loss column for his career as a head coach. At 9-0, he stands alone as having the best record of any head coach to start his career in the history of the NFL.
Dwight Freeney. His consecutive games with a sack streak came to an end Sunday night as he went sack-less. His nine game streak still set a franchise record and fell just one short of the NFL record.
Peyton Manning is now in sole possession of fourth place on the all-time victory list with 126 wins to his name. He passed Fran Tarkenton who finished his career with 125 .
The Colts as a team have now won 18 consecutive regular season games, which ties them for the second longest streak in NFL history. Who are they tied with? The 2004-2006 New England Patriots. The Patriots of 2006-2008 hold the over all record with 21 consecutive regular season victories.
The Indianapolis Colts take to the road next week as they head to the city they once called home, Baltimore. Indianapolis will look to make it a joyful homecoming as they take on the 4-4 Baltimore Ravens who have become better known for their offense this year rather than the defense that struck fear in the hearts of many.

Posted by ia3/colts at 3:34 PM
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Tuesday, 27 October 2009
Excessive Celebration

Undrafted rookie Jacob Lacey was called for excessive celebration after his first career touchdown on an interception return. Caldwell's not sure why. Lacey raced into the end zone, slid to the ground and gave the safe signal. "The rule is that once you're in the end zone and you leave your feet to go to your knees, the only thing you can do is pray," Caldwell said. "He slid. That's the way the rule is. But I had to find out exactly what he did wrong in the first place and make sure we adhere to it because that, obviously, could cost us in a close game."

That was the most ridiculous call I have ever witnessed in NFL!!!!!Do you want to know what else I find ridiculous? The way the New England Patriots make a mockery of the NFL!!!!Hey commissioner Goodell! What do you call it when you run the score up 59 to 0?Come on! 35 to ZERO after the first half? Belichick should have some respect for Fisher and the rest of the Titans and pulled Tom Brady and the starters out of the game! They had the game in the bag! You don’t find that Excessive Celebration? If I’m not mistaken (and I’m not), Excessive Celebration falls under the rule of Unsportsmanlike conduct! Unsportsmanlike conduct refers to a particular player or team who have acted inappropriately and/or unprofessionally in the context of the game. NFL ruling on Unsportsmanlike conduct: Unsportsmanlike conduct will also by called for any prolonged, excessive, or premeditated celebration by individual players or a group of players.While were on the subject of Unsportsmanlike conduct, yes, let’s bring up the cheating thing. In 2007, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has determined that the New England Patriots violated league rules when they videotaped defensive signals by the New York Jets' coaches.Is that not unsportsmanlike? 

Speaking of 2007 . . . .

Patriots have ran up scores excessively when, again, there was no reason to keep Tom Brady and The Starters in these games!
Oct. 28Patriots vs. RedskinsW 52-7
Sept. 23Patriots vs. BillsW 38-7

Nov. 18Patriots @ BillsW 56-10
Just to name a few of the games Patriots ran up the score in 2007.

Posted by ia3/colts at 4:36 PM
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Tuesday, 14 July 2009
Lucas Oil Stadium Sign
Topic: Indianapolis Colts
Not even a year old and the lights in the Lucas Oil Stadium sign have been out and/or flickering for months now.
At long last workers began changing the bulbs Monday, but they all won't be fixed until mid-August when the Colts host the Eagles for a pre-season night game on national TV.

Posted by ia3/colts at 3:20 PM
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Wednesday, 14 January 2009
Dungy to promote Fatherhood
Sen. Bayh wants to keep Tony Dungy busy
 Jan 14, 2009
 Sen. Evan Bayh wants to put Tony Dungy back to work.

Just days after Dungy announced his retirement at head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, the Indiana Democrat is urging President-elect Barack Obama to recruit Dungy to help promote responsible fatherhood.
Dungy has been active with an NFL program for fathers called All-Pro Dads and has said he wants to mentor teenagers and young adults. Bayh says Dungy is a role model for young people across America.
Bayh plans to reintroduce a bill next month that he says would help remove barriers for fathers trying to reconnect with their children. He says Obama has pledged to sign the bill into law as President.

Posted by ia3/colts at 10:08 AM
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Monday, 12 January 2009
Tony Dungy! We will miss you!!!!
Mood:  blue
Dungy stepping down as Colts coach
Sunday, January 12, 2009

Dungy walked around the team's complex saying goodbye to players and team employees and informing them that the transition should be a smooth one for new coach Jim Caldwell.
According to one source, Dungy explained that he has talked it over with his family and they believed this was the proper time to step down, while the Colts' nucleus was still intact.
Dungy is perhaps the most respected head coach among peers and players of this era. He won a Super Bowl two seasons ago and at that time many thought he would step down. Again last year it was predicted by some he would step down, but he decided instead to pick his successor and stay on for one more year.
Dungy's Indianapolis tenure will finish after seven seasons with a record of 92-33, and a postseason berth in all seven years with the club.
He was competitive but still maintained sportsmanship. He was a straight shooter but one that was classy. Dungy was pro team but was devoted to his family. Most people are skeptical of people who are labeled a good guy.
Not Dungy.
Well, it's pretty obvious with Tony Dungy being gone it's going to hurt the Colts. He has led his team to playoff appearance after playoff appearance.
Yes I think this really does hurt the Colts, but also I think they will still be the exact same team next season. The reason it hurts the Colts is because they lose the type of person that Dungy was off the field. He was amazing for the community and was just a good person all around.
This comes from me, and I'm sure I'm speaking for the entire Colts fan base. We wish you well in whatever you move on to Tony, and you are always going to be welcome in Indiana, and if you ever want to, to coach our Indianapolis Colts.
With Dungy out the Colts will have to find another coach that can fill the left by Tony Dungy. It will be very hard for them, but they already have the guy who will be their next head coach on their coaching staff.
Jim Caldwell will be the new Indianapolis Colts head coach. This makes it a much easier transition for the Colts, because Caldwell will more than likely run the same kind of system Dungy ran.
While he will run the same system, it still will not be the same. The players will have to learn to respect Caldwell just as much as they did Tony Dungy, and Caldwell will have to have just as good of control and not let go of it.
In a realm where the majority of the media attention is placed on the negative actions of thugs, Dungy made headlines for all the right reasons. Frankly, it wouldn't have bothered him if the press never batted an eye at him.
In a profession where being loud, demonstrative, and forceful is considered to be the foundation for a successful coach, Dungy showed an ability to motivate and find success by relying on the same "quiet strength" which provided the title of his best-selling book.
In a setting that can cause even the most noble to become selfish, Dungy resisted and instead used his platform as a football coach to better the lives of others through charitable works.
In a society where the successful are almost exclusively expected to trumpet their accomplishments, Dungy let his record on the field do the talking.
In a culture where "nice guys finish last", Dungy won a Super Bowl ring being "nice"-and in doing so, he broke down a racial barrier that preceded him, becoming the first title-winning black head coach.
And in a time where free agency and impatience creates an inferno of instability in so many franchises, Dungy showed-and was showed-a great deal of loyalty, both to his coaches and to his players. In return, Colts GM Bill Polian and owner Jim Irsay respected Dungy enough and wanted him around enough that they arranged for him to fly Irsay's private jet down to Tampa, where his family resides, to watch his son Eric-who is a senior in high school-play football on Friday nights.
It says a lot about Dungy that when he met with Irsay to discuss his future, the Colts owner begged him to stay. Fans have been touched in innumerable ways by him on and off the field. He is universally admired by those in the coaching profession.
Oh, and by the way, he was a pretty good football coach. He racked up 148 wins in his 13 years as a head coach, seven with Tampa Bay and six in Indy. His Colts teams won the AFC South five straight times, and he led his squads to the postseason in ten consecutive seasons, making him the only man since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger to accomplish that feat.
Granted, it helps to have perhaps the greatest quarterback to ever play the game on your roster. It is also beneficial to have a stable organization committed to winning the right way from the top down.
But Dungy took a horrible defense and turned it into a productive one. Despite its inability to stop the run on many occasions, Dungy's "Tampa 2" defensive scheme has found its way into many locker rooms due to its effectiveness in covering the field in pass coverage.
Dungy inherited a robust collection of offensive talent and refused to make drastic changes. He and Polian showed an ability to draft talented players in all rounds of the draft that is second to none.
He dealt with injuries as well, if not better, than any other coach in the NFL. His mantra, "Do what we do", extended from Peyton Manning down to the practice squad, and if your number was called, you were expected to perform at a high level.
Football didn't make Tony Dungy. His leaving on his own terms affirms this. Football benefited from him being around.
He will be missed.

Posted by ia3/colts at 10:05 AM
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Saturday, 10 January 2009
Freeney fined for speaking the TRUTH
Mood:  loud
January 10, 2009,
In an expected move, the NFL fined Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney for his comments about the officiating in the team's 23-17 overtime loss to the Chargers last Saturday night. The bill for what a NFL spokesman termed "inappropriate comments on officiating" comes to $20,000.
As one of the NFL's best pass rushers of his generation, the Colts' Dwight Freeney believes that he is held by opposing pass blockers "every single damn play." Let that serve as a backdrop to the utter disgust the Pro Bowl defensive end displayed as we walked to Indy's team bus outside Qualcomm on Saturday night over the trio of penalties called against the Colts' defense that helped facilitate San Diego's winning touchdown drive in overtime. The rundown: Second-and-4 from the San Diego 43 - Sproles is stopped for no gain, but Eric Foster is called for defensive holding. Third-and-8 from the Indy 40 - Rivers throws incomplete to Chris Chambers, but cornerback Tim Jennings, who helped break up the pass, is called for defensive holding. Next play, first-and-10 at the Colts' 35 - Sproles is stopped for no gain, but Session, who made the tackle, is whistled for a 15-yard facemask penalty. In my opinion it could be argued that any of the three penalties was justified, and a case could be made that each was unwarranted. But to have all three of them called in that context was regrettable, and the fact that the Chargers were only penalized three times all game (and only once on offense, for an ineligible man downfield) makes it even worse.
In Freeney's opinion, the flurry of calls that helped end his season was flat-out unconscionable. "Those were the worst [expletive] calls I've seen in a long time," he said. "To have a game of that magnitude taken out of your hands, it's just disgusting. It's not like they made one [expletive] bad call - it's three calls, in overtime. On one the ball's 50 feet over [Chambers'] head. And they have the nerve to call defensive holding? When they can't even call one friggin' offensive holding the whole game? What's going on? They need to start investigating some other [expletive]."

Posted by ia3/colts at 10:09 AM
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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Colts face significant issues in offseason, including Harrison, improving run game

The sting of the latest, numbing one-and-done playoff experience will linger, but the Indianapolis Colts soon must move on.

Tony Dungy's decision -- retire or return for an eighth season as coach -- tops the list of issues that will affect their future. But that's just the beginning. A few others include:

Adios, Marvin? Marvin Harrison's place in NFL history is set, but he could be history with the Colts. In an unforgiving business, he might not be considered worth the investment. Harrison, 36, is due a $9 million base salary in 2009 and will count $13.4 million against a league salary cap that's expected to be in the $123 million range.

Maybe Harrison would consider taking a significant pay cut, but management might not take that route, convinced it's time to cut ties with another longtime offensive cornerstone as it did with Edgerrin James. The Colts can free up approximately $6 million in cap space by terminating Harrison's contract.

He's still a fan favorite, but largely was a non-factor in '08. In his last three games, including Saturday night's playoff loss at San Diego, Harrison had 12 catches for 73 yards. During the regular season he averaged a career-low 10.6 yards on 60 receptions.

Veteran exodus? Management faces some difficult decisions regarding its veteran free agents. The list includes three-time Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday, starting cornerback Kelvin Hayden and backup running back Dominic Rhodes.

Re-signing Saturday and/or Hayden won't be cheap. If they are intent on maximizing their free-agent opportunities, it will be difficult, or even impossible, to re-sign both. An option is to re-sign the player who is more affordable and use the franchise tag on the other. Or, Indy might simply "tag'' one and let the other walk.

The one-year franchise tag for either would be hefty -- in the $8.6 million range for Saturday and more than $9.5 million for Hayden.

Addressing deficiencies: The pressure will be on team president Bill Polian and his personnel staff to address roster deficiencies and fill holes. Fans seeking a quick fix will clamor for a couple of high-priced, high-profile free agent signings. Tennessee defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and Cincinnati wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh are the most attractive names, but their teams might not allow them to hit the market. Even if they do, the Colts tend to shy away from throwing significant cash at veteran free agents.

A more likely scenario is for Indy to once again look to the draft, then the more reasonably-priced secondary phase of free agency. If Harrison departs, the top priorities would be a receiver to complement Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez, and a defensive tackle. The young players on the interior of the D-line offered what they could, but an athletic tackle with bulk is needed.

Whether it's re-signing their own or other team's free agents, money and salary-cap space will be an issue. The Colts feature one of the more top-heavy rosters in the league. In 2009, their top 10 players will count more than $89 million against the cap, providing the team pro-rates an $8.2 million roster bonus due Dallas Clark. That would lower his cap number to $7.34 million from $13.3 million. Peyton Manning will count $21.2 million, Harrison $13.4 million and Dwight Freeney $11.22 million.

The running game: Either Joseph Addai and Rhodes became very ordinary very quickly, or the offensive line didn't get the job done. The Colts fielded one of the least productive running attacks in club history. One-dimensional teams seldom reach the playoffs let alone make deep runs once they get there.

The Colts have good, young talent on the O-line (rookies Mike Pollak, Jamey Richard and Steve Justice), but Saturday's future with the team is uncertain and veteran left guard Ryan Lilja missed the season with a right knee that didn't respond to two offseason surgeries.

Something must give.

Additional Facts

Offseason dates

Feb. 1: Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, Fla.

Feb. 8: Pro Bowl in

Feb. 18-24: NFL Scouting Combine in

Feb. 27: Veteran free agency begins.

March 22-25: Owners meeting in Dana Point, Calif.

April 25-26: NFL draft.

Posted by ia3/colts at 10:15 AM
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Friday, 2 January 2009

Peyton Manning Awarded MVP for Third Time
January 02, 2009
Peyton Manning took a different approach to earning a record-tying third Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player award. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback got hurt, struggled when he came back, then lost a bunch of games. Hardly vintage Manning. But when he rediscovered the touch that has made him one of football's dominant players for a decade, Manning and the Colts were virtually unstoppable.
Now Manning can tell Brett Favre to move over and make room for him atop the roster of MVPs.
"I really feel like it's a team award," Manning said Friday. "Just what our team went through this year and the way we responded and bounced back to a little bit of football adversity at the beginning of the season, being 3-4.
"It's been the most rewarding regular season that I've been a part of in my 11 years, and I have to believe a lot of the other players and even coaches might feel the same way."
Manning received 32 votes in balloting by a nationwide panel of 50 sports writers and broadcasters who cover the NFL. He also was the league MVP in 2003, when he shared it with Tennessee quarterback Steve McNair, and in 2004.
Favre, then with Green Bay, took MVP honors in 1995 and '96 before sharing it with Detroit running back Barry Sanders in 1997. The award has been given by The AP since 1961.
Manning finished far ahead of Miami quarterback Chad Pennington and Atlanta running back Michael Turner, each with four votes. Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison and Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson each got three votes. San Diego QB Philip Rivers (2), Tennessee rookie RB Chris Johnson (1) and Arizona QB Kurt Warner (1) also earned votes.
"I'm honored to receive this award because of the number of other worthy candidates who had some great years," Manning said. "It was just fun for me, truly, to watch them. I'm just glad to be a part of it."
Manning has been part of a most unusual season for the Colts, who normally have the AFC South just about clinched by Thanksgiving. Manning had two operations on his left knee in the preseason, cutting into practice time, blunting his usual precision as a passer and, eventually, leading to that 3-4 start.
From there, with Manning getting sharper by the week, the Colts won nine straight games to secure a wild-card berth and a meeting Saturday night with San Diego.
In that streak, Manning is 209-of-290 for 2,248 yards and 17 touchdowns, with only three interceptions. He extended his NFL record with his ninth 4,000-yard season and finished with 27 touchdown passes, 12 interceptions and a 95.0 passer rating.
"In other years, everything started fast," Colts running back Dominic Rhodes said. "He's still breaking records. But this year, there were a bunch of negative things said in the beginning, and he brought his best when we needed his best. This is probably the best ball I've seen him play."
The folks in Indianapolis might take for granted having Manning behind center, just as Packers and now Jets fans have assumed Favre would be there every week. Favre has started 269 straight regular-season games, the record for quarterbacks. Manning's string is 176-every game since he was the No. 1 pick in the 1998 draft.
The Mannings, of course, are the first family of NFL quarterbacking, from father Archie to Peyton to younger brother Eli of the New York Giants.
"To be able to come back and play the way he has, especially the last nine or 10 weeks where they have been winning and getting into the playoffs, I'm very proud of him and the season he has had," said Eli Manning, the MVP of last February's Super Bowl.
Added Peterson, the league's leading rusher: "I know Manning is definitely worthy of the award. He's an outstanding player and I take my hat off to him."

Posted by ia3/colts at 10:11 AM
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Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Indianapolis Colts Influence

Packers Trade Brett Favre to the New York Jets

The Brett Favre drama has finally ended.

The Green Bay Packers traded quarterback, Brett Favre to the New York Jets in exchange for a conditional fourth round pick in next year's draft. That could change to a first round pick if Favre plays 80% of the snaps and if the Jets make the Super Bowl.

Harrington joins Colts for NFL preseason work

Former Mexico High School two-way football star and University of Missouri standout linebacker Dedrick Harrington hopes to come to the rescue of the Indianapolis Colts.

With up to five linebackers unavailable this week, the Colts have signed Harrington, who had been released late last month from the St. Louis Rams training camp.

The 6-foot-3, 250-pound Harrington spent time on the Colts' practice squad last season and also has worked out with Dallas in hopes of continuing his gridiron career at the professional level.

After losing to Washington in Sunday's Hall of Fame Game, the Colts had Monday off and a relatively light day Tuesday before going through a pair of full-team practices Wednesday.

The Colts were to practice twice today, then once Friday morning before traveling to Carolina to play the Panthers on Saturday night.

You can kiss the RCA Dome goodbye -- starting in September 

The RCA Dome, home of the Indianapolis Colts, will die a slow death. Starting in September, the 16 fans that supply air for the dome will be turned off. No big deal to you, but for the dome's ceiling it's everything. The Indianapolis Star writes that the ceiling will collapse within 30 minutes of the air being cut off.

An implosion in December will end the RCA Dome's life. But in the meantime, the RCA Dome will be torn down slowly. According to the newspaper, "Even the dome's fabric roof will be preserved and sold as memorabilia -- $60 for an 8.5-by-4-inch swath." And for you green fans, 80 percent of the stadium will be recycled.

Lucas Oil Stadium will be the new home of the Colts. The RCA Dome has been the home of Colts ever since they left Baltimore in the middle of the night in 1984. It was very similar to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. It was called the Hoosier Dome until 1994 when RCA bought the naming rights. The stadium, which seats 57,980 for football, saw its last game when the Colts lost to the San Diego Chargers, 28-24, Jan. 13, 2008.

The Lucas Oil Stadium will seat 63,000. Interestingly, it will have the second smallest seating in the NFL. The Chicago Bears' Soldiers Field seats just 61,000. The first game at the new stadium will pit the Colts against the Buffalo Bills Sunday, August 24, at 8:00 p.m. in an exhibition game.

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Are you ready for some football? Sunshine Rewards is! Here in our home city of Indianapolis, we are anxiously awaiting the opening of our new football venue, Lucas Oil Stadium. To celebrate, we are giving away four tickets to the Indianapolis Colts/Cincinnati Bengals preseason game on Thursday, August 28. Catch the Colts...check out the new stadium. Tickets are in Section 310, and they are all together. The retail value of the four tickets is $506.80.

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Neither the NFL nor the Indianapolis Colts are an official sponsor of this contest. The use of Indianapolis Colts tickets as a prize in no way implies an association with the Indianapolis Colts. See official rules.

 Coe undergoes knee surgery, out two months

Aug. 7, 2008

Colts CB Michael Coe should be out approximately two months after undergoing surgery on his left knee Wednesday.

"The surgery went well," coach Tony Dungy told the Indianapolis Star. "We're looking at probably eight weeks from now before he's ready to get back going."

A second-year pro out of Alabama State, Coe recorded 10 tackles in his rookie season. He was expected to add depth to the Colts' secondary, most likely seeing time in a reserve role or in the nickel and dime packages.

Coe, who injured the knee in practice last week, is the latest casualty to a Colts defense already operating without starters DE Dwight Freeney, S Bob Sanders, DE Robert Mathis, MLB Gary Brackett and SLB Tyjuan Hagler. All except Hagler and Coe are expected back for the regular season, although it's no certainty Coe will make the final 53-man roster.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2008


The greatest city and the greatest state are hosting the world's biggest sporting event, Super Bowl XLVI!

Today, (May 20, 2008) the NFL has announced that the Indianapolis Colts will be awarded
Super Bowl XLVI.

Arizona came in second. This is the second year in a row that the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee was passed up by owners in favor of another host. Last season North Texas was awarded the 2011 Super Bowl over both Arizona and Indianapolis.

Indy beat Houston and Phoenix in a vote of the league's 32 owners after losing by just two votes to Dallas for the 2011 game.

The only other cold-weather cities that have received a Super Bowl include Detroit and Minnesota, both with domes.

Average temperatures in Indianapolis for February are a High of 38,  Low 20.

South Florida and New Orleans have hosted the most Super Bowls with 9 apiece. Tampa, South Florida, Dallas will host Super Bowls in the next 3 years.

Dallas' Super Bowl bid has received much publicity because of their new $1 billion stadium that is opening.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said owners were blown away by the enthusiasm and planning that went into Indianapolis' bid, along with the strength of the organization's public-private partnership.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said that Indianapolis's new Lucas Oil Stadium was a deciding factor for the owners in the decision to award the game to the central Indiana city.

The bid highlighted Indianapolis' $1.1 billion airport, a Friday night party at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and a Saturday night concert on Monument Circle before the big game.

Also the city has promised to build a practice facility for the Super Bowl that will then be turned over to the community.

Indianapolis officials said they want the game to leave a lasting legacy. Part of the proposal includes a Super Bowl training facility at Arsenal Tech High School that would become a recreational center for children on the east side long after the game is over.

"You want to have something that affects the community for years to come," Irsay said. "This is about ... helping our city and state and connecting the whole community."

The game will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium, a new $700 million facility scheduled to open in August of 2008 that will seat about 73,000 for a Super Bowl.

Holding the 2012 Super Bowl in Lucas Oils Stadium marks only the fourth time a domed stadium in a northern US city will host the event.

Over the last 25 years, Indianapolis has grown into the ideal city to host major sports championships. Our central location, uniquely convenient and connected downtown, and track record of successful events like the NCAA Final Four, Indianapolis 500 and Allstate Brickyard 400 give us a competitive advantage.

The amenities and convenience of downtown Indianapolis, our experience in hosting world-class events and our storied army of experienced volunteers have made Indianapolis the destination of choice for more than 400 elite sporting events and their fans for nearly three decades. Look at our track record: the 1982 Olympic Sports Festival, 1987 Pan American Games, 17 U.S. Olympic Trials, five NCAA Men's Basketball Final Fours, an NCAA Women's Basketball Final Four, Big Ten Basketball Tournaments, world championships in basketball, swimming, gymnastics and track & field, as well as unique events such as the 2001 World Police and Fire Games and the 2005 Solheim Cup.

The Indianapolis 500 ran its first race in 1911-and treats visitors better than any other convention or tourist destination. Visitors crow about the ability to move effortlessly on foot from a sporting venue to a restaurant to a popular nightspot and back to their hotel. No need for shuttle buses to move from place to place; just a pair of comfortable shoes

And by 2012, almost $3 billion in new investment will make the Circle City an even more attractive destination, with Lucas Oil Stadium, the new Indianapolis International Airport, expanded Convention Center and new downtown convention hotel all open for business to welcome the Super Bowl.

There's no question Indianapolis is a Super Bowl city - and there's also no doubt that bringing the game here would be a major economic victory, with more than $250 million in economic benefits and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase our city to the world.

The benefits of hosting a Super Bowl begin with the direct economic activity generated by the game itself - spending by visitors. Over the last ten years, direct spending has only dipped below $120 million once, and has often topped $140 million. Miami saw $195 million in direct impact from its 2007 Super Bowl.

On the cost side of the equation, the bulk of the expenses for the Super Bowl and related events are funded by private sector contributions - in Indianapolis, the corporate community came forward with $25 million in pledges for city's 2011 bid, and early indications are that this level of commitment continues to exist for a 2012 attempt. Completing this fundraising early puts Indianapolis in an enviable position.

Public safety and security are the only major direct costs to the City itself. While we're still assessing these expenses, past experience tells us that they will be repaid several times over by the additional sales tax and other revenues generated by visitors during Super Bowl week alone.

So from a strictly short-term economic analysis, the case for pursuing the Super Bowl is overwhelming.

City and bid officials now have less than four years to prepare their vision for game week, including a Super Bowl "Village" that would transform Downtown into a week-long festival that could draw hundreds of thousands of visitors.

An even more ambitious task is their goal of leveraging game to revitalize the Near-Eastside, highlighted by a roughly $9 million practice facility that would then be handed over to Indianapolis Public Schools.

The vote was announced at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the Atlanta suburb of Buckhead, where the NFL owners held their annual meeting. Indianapolis went first as the three competing cities gave 15-minute presentations, followed by a league analysis.

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