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"Moreno" Mini Camp Oven 
and Double Fry Pan

This cookware is fabricated in heavy duty, cast aluminum, right here in the Ozarks.  It may well be the greatest thing to come along for Campers and Sportsmen since Early Man discovered fire made their Pterodactyl easier to eat.

This pan utilizes a "LOW-HEAT" cooking method, and with a little practice, works equally well on your BBQ, camp stove, wood stove, or in the coals of a campfire.

As a double skillet, you can cook bacon on one side, and eggs on the other; or pork chops and potatoes, etc. The uses for this pan are limited only by your imagination. As a stove top oven, it makes  great cornbread, biscuits, cakes and a host of other goodies.


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