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Outback Oven

Turn your one burner backpacking stove into an oven to enjoy gourmet cooking and baked goods on the trail. Besides baking, it also keeps food warm longer and reduces fuel consumption. Cook your own recipes or select from the Traveling Light menu. Components fold down and fit together in a mesh storage bag. Includes a riser bar, diffuser plate, reflector shield, thermometer, pot parka and Backcountry Baking booklet. Use your own cookware!

It works better than a home-made option and it is more packable and lighter than a cast-iron Dutch oven.

If you want to eat well when backpacking, mountaineering, or any other outdoor pursuit where you need to save weight, there's nothing like an Outback Oven.

Anything you can do in an oven you can do in an Outback Oven. It now is available in three models: The Ultralight, for use with a standard cookset ($30 and kind of problematic); the Plus 8 (for two; $40); and the Plus 10 (for three or more; $50). Both the Eight and Ten double as frying pans. A line of purpose-made food is available, but I prefer to use off-the-shelf ingredients. With a little ingenuity, you can work miracles.



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