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Auto Maintenance

All About The Motor Oil in Your Vehicle

Engine Lubrication System

Why it Matters     What does oil actually do?     Choosing The Right Oil for Your Vehicle    
 Which Oil Do I Choose?     Which One is Better?   
 Why are there different weights of motor oil?    
What about own-brands?
Why So Many Oils?
What is the difference between synthetic and regular motor oil?
Premium Conventional Oil     Full Synthetic Oil     Synthetic Blend Oil     Higher Mileage Oil     Viscosity Index
Flushing oils
Engine Additives
Should I use an oil additiveServicing and checking

Motor Oil

My Oil Light Comes On     How to Check Your Oil      How To Add Oil     What color is the oil?
How to Troubleshoot Leaking Oil
When to Change Oil     How To Change Your Oil
Change The Oil Filter     Why Change Your Oil Filter?      How To remove A Stubborn Oil Filter
Oil Change Procedure for The Non Do It Yourselfer
It's easier to just have Jiffy Lube or some other "quicky oil change shop" do it  
Quick-Lube(and dealer) Problems to Watch Out For     Engine Flushes The Latest Scam
Oil Recycling    Disposing Used Motor Oil     A  Few Facts About Used Motor Oil
Other related topics while serving your Engine Oil
Technical Stuff About Engine Motor Oil Lubricating System


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The objective of this Web Page is to familiarize you with basic auto maintenance
-  in some common emergencies -
not to make you an expert in auto mechanics

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