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Auto Maintenance

 Maintenance: is the key to long life for all vehicles. When regular maintenance is implemented vehicles last longer, perform better and are more dependable. FUNdamentals of Auto Maintenance recommends oil and filter service every 3,000 miles.
Use OEM (original equipment manufacture) parts, filters and oils in all services.

Preventive Maintenance:

"Change your oil regularly.

"Give your engine a chance to warm up before driving if possible.  Let the oil get into all parts of the engine before driving.  This is even more critical in cooler temperatures when the oil is cold and sluggish. 

"Change your timing belt or chain at your manufacturer's recommended interval.

"Avoid "snake oil" additives advertised on late night TV.  Regular oil changes and good maintenance habits will keep your engine running it's best.

"If you have a turbo charged engine, give the engine a minute or two cool down before turning it off.  This cool down period allows oil to circulate and cool down the bearings.  If you shut off the engine immediately after hard driving, the oil can gum up around the hot bearings and create problems down the road.

What to discuss with your mechanic:

"If you have to replace your engine, discuss the benefits of buying used versus new.  If you plan on keeping your car for some time, a new engine might be the best bet.  Sometimes new engines are not much more expensive than rebuilt ones, and offer the best solution. 

"When trying to diagnose engine noises, be as descriptive as possible.  Take note to when the noise occurs, at what throttle position, and when the noise started occurring.  Sometimes changing the weight of oil being used can cause a new noise to crop up.  Make sure you mechanic knows if you changed oil brands or weight recently.

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-  in some common emergencies -
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