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Ditched Plane Crewmen Safe & Sound
Harlie Turner

Ditched Plane Crewmen Safe, Sound in Guam After Experience

Ditched Plane N. Guam AFB, Dec 2 - Safe and sound back on Guam after their harrowing experience, Saturday, November 13, are the crew members of the B-29 which was ditched in shallow water at Fais Island. In seemingly good spirits, the crew had many interesting stories of their ditching and short stay on the island. The crew landed at North Field, November 16, being brought there from Saipan where the Navy had taken them.

Capt. Charles B. Hodges, the airplane commander, stated that the ditching was highly successful with no injuries to any of the crew members and little damage to the aircraft.

Natives Natives in outrigger canoes rush out from the beach giving the airmen a period of uneasiness as they carried long bolo knives and it was not known if they were friendly or not.

The natives assisted the crew ashore and the radio operator utilized native labor to crank the Gibson Girl emergency radio transmitter, while he sat and tapped out his SOS and position reports.

Two of the crew members tried eating some of the native food but became ill so the rest of the crew did not try eating until supplies were dropped by a B-29 on Sunday, November 14.

Through two native interpreters, the native king was told for the first time that the war was over and that General MacArthur was now in Japan. This was said to please the islanders as the Japanese had been cruel to them during a short period of occupation.

RescueThe crew members were high in their praise of the Navy for their quick rescue by a Martin Mariner seaplane and the excellent care given them during their two-day stay on Saipan.

After a short rest at North Field, the crew will return to their home station on Okinawa.

The crew members are: Capt. Charles B. Hodges, airplane commander, 1st Lt. Christopher P. Dixon, Capt. Kenneth E. Blood, S/Sgt, Elroy C. Foley, M/Sgt. Eugene G. Hogan, Sgt. Michael D Scrima, S/Sgt. Harlyn G. Turner, Sgt. George R. Ham, S/Sgt. Raymond E. Miller, Cpl. John H. Minion.

All but two men are from the 98th Bomb group on Okinawa. Sergeant Ham and Staff Sergeant Miller are both from the 28th Bomb squadron at North Field and were on the flight acting as observers during the flight.

Date: Article dated: 12/02/1948

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