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2002 Pictures

Greeting on Fais Island
thumb nail Greeting By Chiefs and other citizens
Upon our return, Harlyn is greeted by 4 Chiefs and other citizens of Fais Island

thumb nail Welcome back to Fais Island Mr Turner
A sign hung under a pavilion welcoming Harlyn Turner back to Fais Island where Harlyn and Dave shake hands

Paramount Chief Greeting

thumb nail Presentation of a gift to Paramount Chief Carlos Haruei
Harlyn and Grandson David Keck present Paramount Chief Carlos a B-29 replica model of the 1948 B-29 Bomber.

thumb nail Paramount Chief Carlos Haruei views old photos
Paramount Chief Carlos and Dave view the old photographs from 1948. The Paramount chief smiles as he reflects back on the events of 54 years ago.

thumb nail Welcome ceremony and conferring of Fais Citizenship
The Paramount Chief and Sophiano Limol, acting as spokesman conferred Fais citizenship and Chiefly title upon Harlyn Turner

thumb nail Paramount Chief Carlos Haruei with Harlyn Turner
After a ceremony conferring Fais Citizenship and chiefly title onto Harlyn, the Paramount Chief anointed him by placing his hand upon Harlyn's shoulder.

thumb nail Chief Phillip welcoming Chief Turner
After a ceremony the chiefs of the island welcomed my grandfather as Chief Turner.

2002 B-29 Artifacts
thumb nail Prop
Propeller located on beach near men's house. The propeller ends were bent from the landing when the B-29 hit the water in 1948

engine Engine Block Closeup
An Engine Block from the B-29 buried in the sand

tire B-29 Tire
A tire from the old B-29 in the village now being used as a planter.

panel B-29 Sheet Metal
Stainless steel panel from B-29 bomber. The rivots have been removed and some metal had been cutout for making tools.

thumb nail B-29 Propeller Memorial
B-29 Propeller displayed as a memorial to mark location of dispensory where crewmen stayed while on Fais Island. Harlyn and Dave pose by propeller.

thumb nail Harlie holding knife
Harlyn holds up a knife built from the B-29 as he stands next to an old B-29 Propeller.

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