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Checking the carburetors after disassembly,  
installation of the jet and needle kit,
by the Manual


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Yamaha FZ1
Checking the Carburetors after disassembly,
installation of a jet and needle kit.

Outline of what follows below:
....Checking and cleaning the carbs.



Checking the Carburetors
....Check the carburetor body, float chamber, jet housing for cracks and damage.
....Check the fuel passages for obstructions.
....This is a good time to wash the carburetor in a petroleum-based solvent.  DO NOT use any caustic-carburetor cleaning solution.
....Blow out all of the passages and jets with compressed air.

....Check the float chamber body (1) and clean of any dirt.
....Check the float chamber rubber gasket (2) for cracks, damage, wear.  Replace is necessary.

....Check the float(1) for damage and replace if necessary.

....Check the needle valve (1), needle valve seat (2), and O-ring (3).
....Replace all three as a set, if needed.

....Check the piston valve (1), and the rubber diaphragm (2).
....Be very careful of the diaphragm, as the thin rubber can be easily torn or damaged.

....Check the vacuum chamber cover (1), piston valve spring (2), jet needle holder (3).

....Check the jet needle kit (1), needle jet (2), main jet (3), main jet holder (4), pilot jet (5).
....Blow out the jets with compressed air.

....Check the piston valve movement by inserting the piston valve into the carburetor body and moving it up and down.
....If tightness is detected replace the piston valve.
....Check the fuel feed pipes and hose joint for cracks or damage.  Look for obstructions and clear.  Blow out the pipes wit compressed air.
....Check the fuel feed hoses and fuel shoes for cracks and damage.  Clear obstructions and blow out the hoses with compressed air.

Assembling the Carburetors

....There are four carbs to assemble with the same procedure.
....Before assembly it is a good idea to wash all the parts in a petroleum-based solvent.
....It is recommended to always use a new gasket.

....Install the jet needle kit.

....Install the needle jet (1), pilot jet (2), main jet (3).

....Measure the float height (a) by holding the carburetor upside down and measure the distance from the mating surface of the float chamber (with the gasket removed) to the top of the float.  Float height spec is:  12.5-13.5 mm or 0.49-0.53 inch.

....The float arm should rest on the needle valve without depressing it.
....If the float height is not within specification, check the needle valve seat and needle valve.  If either is worn, replace both.

....If both the needle valve seat and needle valve are fine, adjust the float height by bending the float tang (1), the check the float height again.

....Install the piston valve, piston valve spring and vacuum chamber cover.
....Align the tab (a) on the piston valve diaphragm with the recess (b) in the carburetor body.

....Install the connecting bracket.  After installing the connecting bracket, check that the throttle cable lever and starter plunder link operate smoothly.

Installing the Carburetors

Go back to the Carb Removal page and follow the procedure in reverse for installation.

....Adjust the carburetor synchronization after totally reinstalling the carbs and getting engine running again.
....Adjust idling speed to 1,050-1,150 rpm.
....Adjust the throttle cable free play, which at the flange of of the throttle grip should be 3-5mm or 0.12-0.20 inches.

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