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Pikacard's Pokemon Notes

Last changed: 7th December, 1999

The above date does not reflect any changes to my notes.

Hi, thanks for dropping by. These are notes I've taken while playing both versions of the US Pokemon game. I hope you'll find them as useful as they were to me. I'll continue to make notes until I know everything there is to know about the game and post them here (but see the Dec 8th history notice for why there may not be any for a while).

The Notes

  1. Pokemon & Moves
  2. Effectiveness of Attacks (Not a Battle Chart.)
  3. Pokemon & HM's and TM's
  4. L100 Statistics
  5. Raising Pikachu
  6. Get the Best
  7. Message Board / Guestbook
  8. A Poll on Pokemon Polls: Strictly for fun only.
  9. Miscellanea

History of this pages

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