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Regional Networks for Accreditation Support

Welcome to Regional Networks.

The primary purpose of Regional Networks is to provide accreditation support to various constituents (faculty, staff, administrators, academic and non-academic units, colleges and/or universities) at reasonable costs, particularly those with limited resources.

Consulting services for those seeking professional or regional accreditation

Online and on-site assistance in educational planning, assessment, and other accreditation activities, including need-based assistance for which the fee is greatly reduced or waived

Online professional development opportunities, including webinars, webcasts, and web meetings

Workshops, in-service activities and conferences

Regional Networks-sponsored training for faculty and staff to learn how to review curricular materials, teaching methods and evaluation techniques, assessment plans and instruments, and samples of student work

Stipends for those who complete the training described above to review materials submitted by various constituents

Other services as needed to meet the organization's primary purpose

Regional Networks Links
SLO/CEO Tracking System: Management Plan
SLO/CEO Tracking System: Welding Plan

Course Effectiveness Outcomes (CEO) Network

Review of your course portfolios (syllabi, assessment materials, samples of student work, etc.) by peers

Access to a secure website with documents such as curriculum maps, assessment plans and rubrics

Access to webinars, webcasts and other online assessment activities for no additional fee

CEO Network Links
Course Effectiveness Outcomes Network
CEO Registration

Association for Assessment Planning (AAP)

Participate in webinars, webcasts, online discussions and other professional development activities.

Attend reasonably-priced regional and national conferences.

Receive training as a Regional Networks reviewer.

Reviewer Opportunities:
Outcomes mapping projects (program outcomes to course SLOs to ongoing assignments)

Course portfolios (syllabi, samples of assignments, course handouts, lecture outlines, etc.)

Samples of student work on assignments for assessment

Teaching enhancement plans

Annual assessment plans

NOTE: modest stipends will be provided for reviewers.

AAP Links
Association for Assessment Planning
AAP Registration


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