Regional Networks for Accreditation Support

Course Effectiveness Outcomes Network


Peer Review

*    Peers will review your course portfolios (syllabi, assessment plans, samples of teaching activities, examples of student work, course effectiveness outcomes, etc.).




Secure Website


*      You will have access to documents from peers in all regions of the country.

§         Curriculum Maps

§         Annual Assessment Plans

§         Course Syllabi

§         Performance Assessment Rubrics


Professional Development

*      A variety of professional development opportunities will be provided to CEO Network participants.


§         Webcasts, Webinars and Online Discussions


§         Updates on Workshops, Conferences and Other Professional Development Opportunities




Annual Registration Fee: $50


Ř      This fee is waived for one year if you attend a KAPS workshop or if you agree to review at least one course porfolio for a peer.




To locate a registration form, go to and click on “CEO Registration.”




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