for Directors and Key Practitioners of Assessment, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness


      Participate in webinars, webcasts, online discussions and other professional development activities.


      Attend reasonably-priced regional and national conferences.


      Train as a Regional Networks reviewer (Training is provided at the home office in Auburn and at conferences.)


      Serve as a reviewer. Opportunities are available in the following areas:


         Outcomes mapping projects (Map program outcomes to course SLOs to ongoing assignments.)


         Course portfolios (syllabi, samples of assignments, course handouts, lecture outlines, instructor PPTs, assessment instruments, etc.) for courses in which assessment is conducted


         Annual assessment plans


         Samples of student work on assignments for assessment


         Course effectiveness and/or Teaching enhancement plans


Modest stipends will be provided for reviewers.


The annual AAP registration fee is $50. To locate a registration form, go to and click on AAP Registration.


Regional Networks for Accreditation Support

Auburn, Alabama



Dr. Larry Kelley

Regional Networks

124 Bragg Avenue

Auburn, AL 36830




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