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This area will be devoted to all the musicians
that worked with Ronnie during the various stages of Slim Chance and so on.
Initial lineup of Slim Chance

Bruce Rowlands: Percussions
Jimmy Jewell: Saxophone
Benny Gallagher: Bass, Guitar and Accordion
Graham Lyle: Bottleneck and 12 String Guitar, Mandolin and Banjo
Kevin Westlake: Guitar
Billy Livsey: Keyboards
Chrissie Stewart: Bass
Original Slim Chance


Slim Chance 2
Ken Slaven: Fiddle
Bruce Rowlands: Percussions
Jimmy Jewell: Saxophone
Billy Livsey: Keyboards
Robin Lucas
Drew McCulloch
Steve Bingham: Bass
Slim Chance 2
formed after Gallagher and Lyle
left the eve before the debut of the Passing Show

Slim Chance 3
Ruan O'Lochlainn - Piano, organ, soprano & tenor saxophones
Charlie Hart - Piano, organ, accordion & viola
Brian Belshaw - Bass
Jim Frank - Drums
Charlie Hart: Keyboards, fiddle, harp and whistle
Colin Davy: Percussions and vocals  
Steve Simpson: Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, harp and vocals            
Slim Chance 3


See Me Band (for our purposes Slim Chance 4)
        Bruce Rowland: Drums
        Brian Belshaw: Bass
        Alun Daves: Guitar
        Chrissie Stewart: Bass
        Cal Batchelor: Guitar
        Charlie Hart: Piano, Accordion, Fiddle, Bass
        Eric Clapton: Guitar
        Bill Livesey: Piano, Organ
        Steve Simpson: Fiddle, Mandolin
        Henry McCullough: Piano, Guitar
        Mel Collins: Sax

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pic with Ken Slaven
Honorary Slim Chancer's
Ian Stewart (piano)
Henry McCullough (guitar)
George & Raymond Carless (alto sax, tenor sax)
Bobby Keys (sax)
The Tremors
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