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Starflight and its sequel were made in the '80s for the PC, and subsequently several other platforms, including the Sega Genesis. I would go into how revolutionary and immersing the games were, but these links do a better job than I could. Despite their extreme age by software standards, the games are still widely known and played.

In the last few years of the 20th century, several fans and some of the games' original designers began work on Starflight III. Slated for release in 2003, it's being produced for free, although it isn't an independent project. It's the official sequel by bidding of Binary Systems. SF3 will take full advantage of modern technology, and boast a bigger, more detailed universe.

Other fans have started their own Starflight-based projects, including this one. The most notable are Invasion, developed by SF3's artist Kevin Coyle, and Starflight Revisited, by Peter J. Fischel.