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Trading Post

I've tried to locate most of the items from BASSPRO and AMAZON that would be of an interest to visitors of this site. If you are planning on making any purchases from either, I'd apprciate you getting there by following on of the links below, as I will recieve a small comission (no cost addition to you), and that comission will help pay for the operating expenses of this site. Thanks!

Bass Pro Shops Outdoors Online: Home

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Traditional Style Muzzleloaders- For the true black powder shooter, nothing feels more natural than a long gun at your shoulder.

In-Line Muzzleloaders- for the boring and unadverntours. The only in-line I own is a modified rolling block.

Cap-N-Ball Revolvers- New modern handguns may have more fire power, but the can't beat the fun factor of these hog legs.

Gun Kits- Great way to spend those long winter months when the shooting range is closed or too cold.

Shooting Supplies- Powder Flasks, bullets/balls, wads, patches, and powder flasks. If it comes out the barrel this is the place to go.

Cleaning Supplies and Kits- Your significant other (i.e wife) will just love the smell! but you've got to keep those guns clean

Gadgets & Gizmos- All the fun little tools from flasks, cappers, ram rod accessories etc. The real reason we shoot black powder

Sites & Optics- Sometimes you've just got to upgrade your current sites

Books-A little something for everyone. Fiction, How To's, History.

Videos- They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Magazines- Almost as good as a book, and with something new each month.

Old Guns does not sell anything and it's primary purpose is to educate and inform. If you're not shopping you might want to head back home. Otherwise I have provided links to various web sites that offer products and services that I feel may benefit the typical vistor of this site. Old Guns recieves a small commission from the products listed here, but is in no other way affiliated with the sponsored websites. These websites, are wholly responsible, for taking, processing, and shipping any orders, and payment is made directly to them, and through their websites. I will instantly remove any link that I find to be fraudlant, but you must use these links at your own risk.



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