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This is the whole reason I started this the Old Guns site. I read or hear about a gun but have no idea what it looked like, and my poor brain does a lot better if it visualize the image. So I started collecting images of the all the Black Powder Guns I could find. I would like to thank Navy Arms for allowing me to use a large number of their images, and everyone else who contributed.

This gallery is far from complete so if you have an image that I'm lacking and would like to contribute send it my way, and I'll see about getting it added. I possible I prefer a white background, and the image to a be a good representation of the type of gun. Any images contributed will be linked back to their original site, if the URL is provided.

Please be patient some of these pages have a lot of images, and it may take a few minutes to load.


Muzzleloaders (non-military)

Muzzleloaders (Military)

Muzzleloading Handguns

Cap-n-Ball Revolvers

Cartridge Revolvers

Breach Loaders

Lever Guns & Repeaters