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Updated March 5, 2005

Okay, so in actuality nothing has been updated. Yet. I promise I'll get around to it very very soon and do some sort of major over-haul on this place (since I created it something like four or five years ago and haven't even so much as looked at it for over a year now). I have, however, gotten myself a livejournal account that you're welcome to read to your heart's content. And post! Post God damn you! I know absolutely no one online, and I'm not exactly full of the spare time and energy to devote to finding fandom friends. So help me out here, people. You won't be sorry. I'm kind of awesome.

Oh, and I've created my first ever music video. The fandom is Veronica Mars, the pairing is Veronica/Logan and the vid is being hosted over at Logan and Veronica Online. Go enjoy and then give me some of that feedback you know I live for.


Updated July 1, 2004

So I've actually gone an entire school year without touching this site. But finally, faced with the usual summer boredom (or, more accurately, the need to distract myself from my re-introduction to the work force and small town life) I caved and wrote a new little bit of fanfiction. So here it is, a Touching Evil fic by the name of Waking Up. Read. Enjoy. Tell me all about it.

Nothing else new to report for the time being. But I am working on two more Harry Potter stories that should be done before, at the latest, summer's end. Hopefully the anticipation will hold you over until then.

*Just a note: I should have gotten around to this sooner, but oh well. Angelfire has discontinued their email service, so my email address is now: alocalband@hotmail.com


Updated June 28

Wow, look at all the updates! I'm bored, people. This is what you get when school's out and I'm forced to stay at home.

Quotes have been added to (finally) and the whole section's been revamped a bit so that it's, hopefully, a little easier to navigate. There's even a couple of completely new pages over there. Then there's my Blog, which appears to have gained some importance. I've got this wacky notion that I'll be writing in it regularly. There's a bunch more fanfic recs to check out. A couple of links were added, as well as a whole new page of them for all my friends' sites. And another big thing around her: the photo page. I don't know what, exactly, compelled me to make it, but... there it is. Enjoy.

No new fanfic this time around, but practically everything else has been updated (from the "about" page to the "everyday quotes"), so I'm hoping that'll keep you all busy until next time.


Updated June 17

New fanfiction is finally here! First, there are two brand new stories up, each for a brand new genre. The first is a Harry Potter story (yes, I finally succumbed to that temptation) called A Life of Crime. It follows Ron through fifth year and on, as he struggles with his feelings for Hermione. The next story is from the X-Men movieverse (I love the comics, I love the cartoon, but the movies were what finally got the fanfic out of me). It's called No Longer Cold and is a romantic, though angsty, look at what could happen between Bobby and Rogue, and how Rogue might deal with it. There's a fair sized helping of Wolverine in there too, because he's just too hard to say no to.

Next up are three different Buffy stories that I wrote, way back when, before I wrote any of the Buffy stories that I've actually posted. Warning: There was a reason for this. I'm not too fond of any of them, but I figured- 'what the hell?' Maybe some one out there will get a kick out of my first, blind attempts at BtVS fanfic. So go check them out.

Also, I made some small updates to the "about" page and the "book recommendations" page (both housed under "Misc"). More updates to come, now that summer's here. With school on hiatus, expect to see much more of me around here for the next couple months.


Updated April 20

More everyday quotes! And I've got a couple of new fanfic stories to put up as soon as I edit them. Finals are coming up, though, so don't expect them too soon. Until then- enjoy those quotes. I know I do :)


Updated March 5, 2003

Hey everybody- new quotes! Most of them are in the 'Everyday Quotes' section, as that seems to be the only part of the site I ever really get to while at school. Don't worry, though- spring break's coming up soon.

Until then, enjoy the quotes. And any updates I make in my livejournal (as writing in that thing has become one of my more frequent excuses to avoid homework). Oh, and on a completely different note- I know I should probably take down the "Keep Firefly Flying" banners, as they do little good now. But, well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I have firm plans to remain in denial-land for at least a few more months.


As always, feel free to email me with comments, questions, or- hell- if you're just that bored.