Fanfiction Recommendations

Well, several people have been asking for a recommendations page, and it looks like I've finally caved. This list is, by no means, complete. But it is a good place to start if your looking for some high-quality fanfic. Enjoy what's here, give the respective authors all the feedback you can muster, and check back often for updates.

The West Wing / Farscape / Andromeda / Firefly
Dark Angel / Smallville / Buffy/Angel / Harry Potter
Idea no. 8

The West Wing

As the White House Turns by Nomad
Hilarious to such a strong degree that I feel it my duty to warn against reading in a public place. You WILL get funny looks. You will also laugh your ass off and not regret a single moment spent reading this awesome story.

Donna the Vampire Slayer by Nomad
Another hit by Nomad. This one is a crossover (obviously) with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but integrates the two shows so well that you'll hardly notice the absurdity of the idea. I'd always had thoughts of a BtVS/TWW crossover, but none of them seemed to turn into something worth putting down on paper. This story, however, manages the feat of transferring those thoughts into story, and does it without sounding ridiculous (as I was sure I would). Funny, sweet, and wonderfully executed.

ALL of Perriís West Wing Fanfiction, particularly: The Best of Me and Counting Coup.
Every one of these stories are entertaining, true to character, and representative of some of the finest writing out there.

ALL of Jo March and Ryo Senís Fanfiction
I've yet to find better. These two not only know how to write, but they know how to plot well, how to develop characters effectively, and how to keep you hooked from the very first line. I suggest starting with "An Innocent Kiss" and going from there. But it's all good, so read to your hearts content.

ALL of Saryís Fanfiction
I don't know how she does it, but somehow Sary writes the most extraordinary dialogue thise side of Hollywood. Her pacing, her snarkiness, and her great one-liners all serve to put her right up there with the likes of Aaron Sorkin. She's got his style *down*, and she uses it well.


Vigil by Perri
"A Bug's Life" was a great first season episode and this is a great companion piece to it. It ties up all of those storylines that I wanted tied up, and does it so well that I have to wonder why Perri isn't already on the FS writing staff.

ALL of Bob Hutchinsonís (UCSBdad) fanfic.
Heís witty, heís snarky, and he gives Rygel a visit from the Ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. These stories are not to be missed and have been some of my all-time favorites ever since I first entered this fandom.


Night Must Fall by NorthernStar
An awesome, epic story that takes the characters of Harper and Trance and gives them more character and relationship development than they'll ever get on the show. This is a nice, long, solid read and, though it takes the show to places it will likely never go, manages to stay true to the characters and true to the style of the episodes. The first "Andromeda" story that I fell completely head-over-heals for.

ALL of John Burke's Fanfiction, particularly: An Old-Fashioned Tail and Butterfly Wings
John Burke is, perhaps, my favorite "Andromeda" writer in existence (besides NorthernStar). His work is funny, real, and always intriguing. "Butterfly Wings" was the first of his that I read, and it got me completely hooked on his amusing, snarky style of story-telling.

Dark Angel

Friction by Baloo
This is the story that got me hooked on Dark Angel fanfiction. If not for Baloo- who can somehow write the best Max/Alec dialogue I've yet to read- I might have stayed happily ignorant of all the many DA stories out there (most of which aren't worth the time it takes to read them). In a sea of mediocre fanfic, Baloo shines through.


Reasons Unknown by Perri
I love Chloe/Lex fanfic. I can't help it. This is the story that hooked me on that particular ship, as well as Smallville fanfic in general, and I will, perhaps, never forgive Perri for it. This is a very well-written story though, pairing off these two characters so well that it's hard to believe they're not already together on the show. The banter is strong and dead-on accurate for these two particular characters, as well as highly entertaining.

Would You Like Some Java With Your Snark? by Kathe
More Lex/Chloe fanfic. Kathe can really write those two well, and when she puts them together it's a joy to read. Her snarky dialogue is as dead-on as Perri's and just as entertaining. One can only hope the writers of "Smallville" learn to take their cues from her.

The Pick Up by Kathe
Another great one from Kathe. She has a knack for true-to-character dialogue that will leave you wondering why her stories aren't yet actual epsiodes.

Chasing Dreams by mythirdeye
Some great characterization for both Chloe and Lex. Nothing too unique as far as plot goes (there's only so many different ways these two characters can meet up in a coffee house) but she writes the interaction so well that you hardly notice. And somehow she also manages to accomplish what few writers from any genre are able to do, which is be both real and slightly sappy at the same time, without going overboard in either department. For a great piece of entertaining fluff, also read her story, "The Prom."


A Raising in the Sun by Barb C.
One of the best stories from any fandom that I've read. If you have not read this, read it now, and fast. It's a wonderful look at how things *might* have gone after the fifth season finale. Barb is one of those people who was able to take these great characters and write them better than the actual show has all season, particularly Spike. Read this. I can't say that enough.

Necessary Evils by Barb C.
The sequel to "A Raising in the Sun" that is just as good and makes you wish Barb's version of sixth season had been the version we got to see on screen.

Boy's Night Out by Barb C.
I just can't get enough of Barb's work. Unlike her other two, this story is rather short and to the point, but very nicely done and wildly entertaining.

Donna the Vampire Slayer by Nomad
(See "The West Wing")

An Ordinary Boy by Troll Princess
One of those well-written and totally enthralling one-shots that you wish you had written first. A great story from a great author. Buffy/Angel crossover.

Ghost in the Shell by Troll Princess
Another amazing look at how things *might* have gone after "The Gift." Wonderfully written and such an interesting idea that you'll be dying to find out what happens in the end and unable to tear yourself away until you do.

100 Years of Solitude by Isabelle
It's just too difficult not to include this story on my list. It's amazing in its scope, even if somewhat unrealistic, and you'll fall in love with every single one of the characters, not to mention how well Isabelle seems to integrate BtVS characters into this completely new world that she has created. A must-read for Spike/Buffy fans.

All of Annnakovsky's fic
"Back Before Dawn" is simply awesome- funny and true, if a bit fluffy in places. But fluff is good. Us Buffy fans need fluff. This story makes you yearn all the more for the way things couldíve been As for her other stuff: Her post-'Chosen' fic is exquisite, sensitive and true. And "Deus Otiosis" made me like Willow again. Not easy to do.


Recalculation by BK the irregular
A dead-on look inside Jayne's head. So far, no other author that I've read has been able to capture Jayne's voice as well as has been done here. Worth reading a couple times over just 'cause stories this good are so hard to come by.

Leaving Serenity by Celli
A beautiful piece about how Mal sees his place in the universe. The characterization is amazing, and the prose are excellent. Another one worth reading more than once.

Apple, Apple by Syn
I have to admit, I kinda like the idea of River and Jayne. Mostly because they're such complete opposites and- well- I like a challenge. But that challenge is often too much for most authors. It's difficult to write these two characters together and still stay true to the both of them and to the show. Syn, I think, has done one of the better jobs with it. Yeah, most of what she writes is likely never to happen on the show (that is, if the show continues), but the ways she writes it you can almost picture it anyway. Plus the smut is fun. Head on over to her website for the two nicely written sequels to "Apple, Apple," both of which are entertaining as hell.

Harry Potter

Points of No Return by Night Zephyr
A wonderful, long story with Ron as the central character and enough Ron/Hermione to satisfy any shipper. Itís finally Ronís turn to save the day, and Night Zephyr writes it well, makes it fun, and stays true to all of the characters.

Not As A Last Resort by Arabella
Can I help it if Iím in love with Hermione and Ron? I mean- who isn't? And Arabella does them both wonderfully. Sap ahead, but the good kind of sap. The kind of sap the heals the wounds left by the last book. Also read the sequel, Getting the Point, and most all of her other stuff, specifically: "Hermione, Queen of Witches" and "Dare." All good fun.

Harry Potter and the Fifth Year from Hell by Angua
One of the better fifth year fics out there right now. Nicely written, true to character and to the books, and complete with a healthy dose of R/Hr. Of course.

Harry Potter and the Carnelian Key by Kellie
Another well-done fifth year fic. Pulls you in from the get-go and won't let you look away. Plenty of R/Hr, naturally, and the kind of Harry angst we've all come to know and love.

Of Contraceptives and Snogging by Jack Ichijouji
I couldn't help myself; this one was just too funny. And cute. Read, laugh, and fall in love as Ron tells Ginny the story of how he and Hermione got together. Fluff, sure, but humorous fluff.

Naked Quidditch Match by Anya
Too funny for words. True to character, even if the story's unrealistic. And it's as firmly placed in the gutter as you can get. But funny. Oh boy, is it funny.