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Since 2000 i believe i have seen more need for a Fascist government to come up again, not even in America, bit once Americans and other governments around the world see how efficient this government can be could see a change in peoples minds and attitudes twords Fascism. Because of the upcoming war and past terrorist attacks, I have seen a huge need for fascist rise. You need military to control and operate everything that enters this nation we need to pull our Military from forirgn nations and use it all in our own. Im not referring to Martial Law at all, but i do believe a Military Platton marching the streets all day long will reduce crime greatly. You must also realize that our nation can become fully self sufficient, We need to not allow American companies such as Nike to produce shoes in china for 10 cents and then sell in america for 200 dollars. this is americas big mistake and need to be stoped before we strengthen our enemies and weaken our hold on Americas Companies.

Fascism What Should America Do
9/11/01 will be remembered in all of our hearts forever. but what should America do about this problem... Simple the 600,000 troops we have laying around in peaceful nations, send them to the Middle East along with our forces from America, Middle east oil control is the only reason we do not bomb them alot, unlike some immature people think we should do. "Nuke em to death" i hear some say and it irritates me. Bush should occupy each trouble maker in the middle east, control there oil control there money control everything until you can ensure a government such as Japan nowadays comes to power. We need to use our power wisely but with extreme force when we do, if they face us with an army of 2 why should we face them with an army of 2, we would face them with an army of 200 and ensure our victory, (yes a very weak analogy but it will do)

Future of Fascism
Fascism in the future dosn't look the greatest because of America and other NATO nations putting it down so much because of World War 2. But there is still a strong Fascist party in Italy. A strong group in Turkey fighting for Fascism. The French are begining thier march to fascism.
The world is blind, anyone who thinks the extreme knows what i mean, if you do the ordinary or just do what your told, or taught, you are leading a life of blindness. There is no right and there is no wrong each government has its weakness and its powers, Fascism has its weakness, but it is far less than that of any other government. Fascism used wisely is a great government, the best most effiecient if only the world could understand these views we would all live in peace.

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