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If you are a Fascist or believe in any form of fascist ideology join the International Fascist Organization from this website!!

Fascism is a form of government founded by Benito Juarez Mussolini and other World War 1 veterans who were fed up with Italian decisions, and the Treaty which did not involve italian land gains. Fascism is a Dictatorship that brings pride in ones country, known as Nationalism. It is not a totalitarian rule even though Italian Fascists came up with the name, Compared to NAZI Germany and Communist Russia, Italian Fascism was not as strict and cruel. It also calls for extreme Industrialization, Agricultural advances, Population Growth, and National security. it is an Anti Socialism or Communism, Pro Productivism, and pro Elitism. It is a government in which decisions are made quicky, solutions are made simpler, And problems get solved. It calls for a Strong leader in which to make decisions and lead the country or region. Many Groups borrowed ideas from Mussolini, who is known by all fascists as the Father of Fascism

Tracing Fascism
Stanely G. Payne

Fascism was unique among the radical forces produced by the early twentieth century, developing out of World War I without any clear predecessor in the nineteenth century. It first emerged in Italy in 1919, catapulting its leader, Benito Mussolini, into the premiership three years later and then to the creation of a new political dictatorship beginning in 1925. The term fascism, however, would later be applied to an entire cluster or genus of new revolutionary nationalist movements in Europe between the world wars, of which the most important was German National Socialism, or Nazism, for short, so that the Italian origins of the first fascism would often be overlooked, attention focusing primarily on Germany. The initial, or "paradigmatic" fascism nonetheless had specifically Italian roots and characteristics.

The term comes from the Italian fascio, derived from the ancient Latin fasces, which referred to the bundle of lictors, or axe-headed rods, that symbolized the sovereignty and authority of the Roman Republic. From approximately the 1870s, the term fascio was used in Italy in the names of radical new social and political organizations, normally of the left. Thus the revolutionary nationalists who sought to create a new left nationalist league in 1919, in the aftermath of World War I, formed a Fascio di Combattimento, transformed two years later into the new Fascist Party, and so a radical new "ism" was born.

Italian Fascism began on the left, seeking to combine strong nationalism with modern developmentalism and an aggressive new style of activism that prized violence, idealism, and anti-materialism. While reenforcing Italian colonialism, Fascism originally embraced national liberation and rejected extreme imperialism and racism. Mussolini did not create the movement but skillfully guided himself to power as its Duce (Dux, or leader), at the same time moving the party to the right and engaging in practical compromise with Italy's established institutions. Though Fascists invented the term "totalitarian" for their new system, Mussolini was unable to complete a Fascist revolution and instead presided over a somewhat limited, semi-pluralist political dictatorship.

Though Fascists were at first wary of and even hostile to Hitlerism, the Nazi leader sought Mussolini as his chief ally. The Duce allowed himself to be convinced by the end of 1937, introducing Nazi-style racist and anti-semitic legislation in Italy despite the membership of many Jews in the Fascist Party. Participation in World War II as Germany's ally produced the downfall of Mussolini in 1943, but in German-occupied northern Italy the Duce was installed as leader of a new puppet Fascist-based Italian Social Republic, which waged a savage civil war against Italian anti-Fascists in 1944-1945. Though approximately thirteen thousand Fascists were executed by partisans at the end of the war, the official purge of Fascists conducted by the new democratic system in Italy was limited and half-hearted. Thus the great majority of Fascists survived, and for nearly forty years neo-Fascism would be stronger in Italy than anywhere else in Europe.

Italian Fascism has been studied much less than German Nazism, but interest in the topic is increasing among American scholars, and thus the Fry Collection is being made available at a very opportune moment. It contains a wide variety of both primary and secondary materials dealing with many aspects of Fascism. These extensively document the character and range of Fascist propaganda and the special cult of the Duce that it fostered. Other materials illustrate Fascist social and educational policies, efforts to channel women's activities and foster family life, and Fascist direction of youth activities. Fascist racial policies are represented, while many items deal with Italian colonialism, the rise and downfall of Fascism, and the anti-Fascist opposition.

The opening of this rich new collection will be welcomed by scholars throughout the country who are interested in the history of Fascism and of contemporary Italian history more generally. One of the most extensive gatherings of materials of its kind in North America, it adds appreciably to our knowledge of Fascism and greatly enhances the library's holdings in modern European history

Fascism and Me
As of Right now, i am a strong supporter and believer in Fascism, If Fascism is used correctly without anti semitistic views. Fascism could be a group that could appeal to citizens in countries world wide. We need to wipe away the democratic victory propoganda of World War 2, that looked down upon Fascist governments. Once the Democratic propoganda was added to history books and newspapers around the world as the way a country's government should be, Fascism was marked as Evil without even having a chance to prove that Fascism can work under the right leader. But, it truly isn't evil, as appose to something I don't believe in called Anti-Semitism (hostility toward or prejudice against Jews or Judaism), that is something myself and many fascists worldwide believe in.

True Fascism is not a true Totalitarian ideal, it gives power to a council as well but gives the leader the final decision which is made for the best of country. Totalitarian Dictatoships uses death and destruction to grow. Hitler and Stalin were true totalitarians, Mussolini was not, and Mussolini's Fascism is the Fascism i believe in. I believe that One must be proud of there cultural views, I believe that the world is too materialistic which makes our classes to jugdemental and diverse, Fascism calls for an elimination of classes, bring the country together, under same laws and same respect twords all, increase education. Women are more respected under fascism, Odd sextual acts are banned, Overall Fascism leads to a better life for everyone. Equal life with the governments help. (email me questions ,comments ect)

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