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"Good Neighbor Day 2001! It was a blast with Nintendo, food, and a slip 'n' slide ~which was especially nice in the 100 degree weather! We had lots of fun and played a cool short set in the hot hot sun. Thanks to all who came out!" -Asphyxia

"Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done!!! I had a blast." -Deon :)

"hey! just wanted to thank everyone who braved out the weather yesterday! considering the circumstances, I think it went pretty well!" -Brad from r.i.d.

". . .To have teens do all this is awesome! I'll put an extra bug in the ear of the assignment desk. It's too late for me to get this on Kids Nowadays, but I hope it's a huge success and that we give it coverage. Good Luck!"-Christine Zak (WEEK-tv anchorwoman, before the event)

"hey this is Dustin the Guitarist from 7Star. I just wanted to tell you that I had a lot o fun a GND. Definatly sign us up for next year. . .I can't wait for the pics and the rest of the news article. well peace out" -Dustin


. . .Here's a basic rundown of the evening of FREE fun and music at GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY 2001 in Washington, IL. From 3:00pm to 8:00pm, on the afternoon of Saturday July 21st, six (6) local Heart of Illinois bands will perform on an outdoor stage for about an hour each. These musical acts range from acoustic rock to hip-hop to punk/metal. Some of these acts originally from the Washington,IL-area are traveling back from Chi-town and St. Louis to perform for this event! Show your support and come out for a fun afternoon of great music!!!



(A new Morton/Tremont originated punk/rock act with originals and covers of MXPX, Good Charlotte, and Green Day to get the party started!)


(Self-described "Girl grunge/pop rock... with a smile", the latest addition to the Good Neighbor Day lineup, Asphyxia, will bring their own unique musical style to rock our festival away.)

The Filibustas

("Emcees Nate Hartrich and Tyler Schwend combine to bring you hip hop for the next generation- no bling bling, just a funky good time", with a bonus acoustic set from Nate, who just signed to an independant Chi-town record label.)

Seven Star

(This "alternative rock band that is based in St. Louis" and Washington, IL will woo the crowd with their introspective lyrics and acoustic melodies that some may draw comparison to either Dave Matthews or Guster.)


("This intense hard-rock band "seeks nothing more than to try to represent the unconditional love of an all-loving god. . . through music, lifestyles, etc" and will definitely not disappoint the crowd.")


("Originating in 2000, R.I.D. has become notorious for crazed fans and party atmosphere concerts. . . with punk/metal music" to make for a great show.)

Fat Guy With a Tuba

(Playing with bongos, mouth harps, pots and pans, saxophones, and tuba solos, Fat Guy With a Tuba plays for a packed house at Washington Christain Village nursing home every other week, and at Good Neighbor Day will provide quality jazz jams for our intermission breaks.)


Along with the music, our head chef will prepare two grills worth of food for the entire festival! Then, for added excitement, don't forget to check out our premium root-beer keg for the best root-beer this side of the Mississippi!!

On the side, we'll also provide an old-school Nintendo for plenty of power pad, Duck Hunt, and Mega Man 2 tournaments for you to play to your heart's content! There will also be a slip n' slide and a full court croquet field set up!!! What else can make for a great afternoon?!


Take the main drag (Buisness Route 24) East. Go past the Town Square out of Washington, IL, and travel towards Eureka for a few miles. Then, shortly before you would cross Dee-Mack Road, look to your right and you will see the festivities easily from the road (2302 Eureka Rd). It is directly across the street from the TEEGARDEN veterinary clinic. We'll have signs up at the time to help you find it. Please carpool!

Alas, a good time will be had by all, I personally guarantee that.

Please send this site to other friends you have that may be interested in attending this festival on July 21st from 3pm to 8pm.

If you would like to help out for GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY 2001 drop an email to or IM fonz51.

Hope to see ya there!


Just an official post for the GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY 2001...

WHEN: Saturday, July 21st from 3-8pm

WHERE: 2302 Eureka Road (old Rt 24), about 2 miles east of Washington on the way to Eureka, across from Teegarden Vet Clinic

WHAT: free live music, free food, free fun!!

**NOTE: we, as the property owners, will not be responsible for your actions or your accidents. please be responsible!!
**there will be no alcohol
**carpooling is especially adviseable bcos there is somewhat limited parking. thanks.

so...we hope to see you out here next Saturday--we're sure you'll have an awesome time!

The 1st annual GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY was a success!!!

. . .at least 300 people braved the heat, the rain, and the great music. Click on the newspaper article link above for a great review of the festivities. And keep on reading below for some comments from festival goers, band members, and the local media!

Thanks again to the bands, Mr. and Mrs. Grebner for the location and big shade tent, Mr. Decker for the sound, Mr. Defauw and Mr. Rudd for their MC and chef duties, Mr. Strubhar for the vintage GND billboard, run from the killer bees to get it, and help in everything else, Jamie!, Mr. Shaw for the screen tent for the sound system, the TeeGarden Vet Clinic & the next door lawn care company for parking, the Chamber for changing their festival name so we could have Good Neighbor Day, my parents for videotaping and taking great pictures of all the people and bands, Mr. Addler for the late, but still greatly appreciated slip n slide, Bob from Champaign, IL for the Root Beer keg (best root beer this side of the Mississippi), the lady that sold Brad and I the big dollar sign for $2, all the people that helped flyer the town last saturday, the girl that i scared at the taco bell drive-thru when i handed her the flyer, mother nature and her 100 degree heat and storm, all the people that made the colorful signs, who helped rope off the grounds, and then set up the stage this past Friday, and all the people that came to witness the spectacle of GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY back in its glory! We couldn't have done anything without all that help. thanks.

For all who signed the guestbook and left their email, i'll write to you next year to see if you want to have a hand in the GOOD NEIGHBOR DAY 2002's festivities! We want this thing to keep getting bigger and better, and still stay free!

Read the 'GND2002 INFO' at the top of this page for a basic outline for future plans. This is the first time we've ever done anything like this, and we're just hoping to learn from past GNDs and improve them yearly.

Plus it's destiny with the 1st annual being in the year '01. . 2nd annual ('02). . 10th annual ('10). It was meant to be!

in memory of:
Ryan Bates 1981-2001