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Welcome to The Amsterdam Coffee shop guide links page

Welcome to a selection of some of my favourite websites, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. If anyone wants to link to or from my page please mail me.

Amsterdam links

Amsterdam - The website I use to book my hotel's in Amsterdam. Searchable database of nearly all the hotels in and around Amsterdam.
Luxury - If you don't fancy roughing it, then this is your website.
Smokers team - Good guide to Amsterdam's coffee shops, obviously written by some heavy smokers!
Coffee shop guide - Good graphical guide to where all the coffee shops are.
Channels maps - Excellent map of Amsterdam that gives you a guide to attractions, hotels etc. within each individual area of the city. Excellent for checking out places you have n't been yet.
The Hemp Hotel - Hotel in Amsterdam where everything from breakfast to the soap, shampoo and sheets are made from hemp.

Cannabis links - More information and links than you could shake a smelly green stick at. - A site all about marijuana, surprisingly.
High times magazine - The world famous stoner's bible. If it ain't in here you can't smoke it.
Mr - Website of the world famous Howard Marks. Features press archives from his illustrious career and the excellent Howard's smuggling game. - A great and informative site, features information on pills doing the rounds at the moment and frequent quality tests.
420 Marijuana pics - As the name suggess this site has loads of pictures of the holy weed. Regulally updated.
Flashback - German site that sells evrything a stoner could ever need, from rolling papers and bongs to seeds and mushrooms.
Paradise seeds - One of the best sources of marijuana seeds on the internet.

Music links

The Source magazine - All the latest news, views and attitudes from the world of hip-hop. - One of the best hip-hop sites on the internet. - A good site with regulally updated news and articles from the world of hip hop. - The hip hop lyrics archive.
You are my world - Great website of early '90's British band The Stone Roses.
Refresh - Monthly club night in central London. Check it out for a great night out.
Audiofind - Probably the best listing of MP3's outside of Napster.

Joke links

TV go home - Spoof TV listings mag, one of the funniest sites on the web
FBI archive - The FBI and MI6 have recently opened up their surveillance files and it is believed that nearly everyone in the western world has their picture on this website. Check it out
Furious George - Guide a crime crazed monkey around the USA committing atrocities as you go. Hilarious - The last bastion against political correctness, sick or sublime depending on what you like.

Misc links

Free UK stuff - Regularly updated site that searches the internet for freebies and then brings them to you every week. Top site.
Dial a - Good site if you own a Nokia mobile phone. Lots of operator logos and ring tones to download (requires premium rate call).
Your - Another good site for Nokia mobile phone owners. Lots of ring tones divided into categories and they send the tones to your phone for free.

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