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Welcome to my Amsterdam Coffeeshop directory!

Grey Area coffeeshop, make sure you visit!

Whilst this is not the complete list of coffeeshops in Amsterdam, (you need to check the Amsterdam Coffeeshop directory for that) it is a list of all the ones I have personally visited and would visit again. If I have missed anyones favourite out please mail me with it's details and I'll include it for you, happy smoking!

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NameAddressOpening hoursInteresting featuresWebsite
Abrraxas CoffeeshopJonge Roelenstag 12-14, 1012 PL Amsterdam?Friendly atmosphere, good music all day, highly
BabaWarmoesstraat 64, Amsterdam?Very light and airy, huge windows on corner at entrance to Red Light District, good hash cakes?
Bar-Coffeeshop The RookiesKorte Leidse Dwarsstraat 145-147, Amsterdam1pm - 1am Sunday - Thursday
1pm - 3am Friday & Saturday
Dart board, pool table, occasional theme parties and pool/dart tournaments?
Barney's Breakfast Bar102 Harlemmerstraat, 1013 EW Amsterdam7am - 10pm dailyHighly recommended, recently refurbished (1999), great breakfasts and lunches, great temple
Best Friends CoffeeshopMolukkenstrasse 31, 1095 AS Amsterdam7am - 1am dailyLarge screen TV, table football and pinball?
Black Star Coffeeshop & JuicebarRozengr 1a, 1095 AS Amsterdam?Nice quality draw, not sure if it is still there?
Blue Bird CoffeeshopSt Astoniesbstraase 71, 1011 HB Amsterdam9.30am - 1 am dailyRecommended, 2 floors, killer sofas, board
Bulldog EnergyOudezijids Voorburgwal 218, Amsterdam9am - 1am dailyHeadshop, cool decor, boardgames, draw
Bulldog Energy 2Spuistraat 7, Amsterdam9am - 1am dailyHeadshop, free internet access on Tuesdays, terrace,
Bulldog MackOudezjids Voorburgwal 132, Amsterdam10am - 1am dailyTerrace, affordable food and
Bulldog No. 90Oudezjids Voorburgwal 90, Amsterdam9am - 1am daily2 floors, bar upstairs, popular with
Bulldog PalaceLeidseplein 13-17, Amsterdam10am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 3am Friday & SaturdayFormer Police station, large covered terrace, 4 TV's, big screen, DJ's every day, souvenir shop. Very
Bulldog RockshopSingel 12, Amsterdam9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 2am Friday & SaturdayRock themed, not really my thing but if you're into Rock;-)
Cafe FreeworldNieuwendijk, Amsterdam?Full internet access, sell beer?
Caffe ChocolataSpulstrasse 51, 1012 ST Amsterdam11am - midnight weekdays, 1am weekendsTerrace, excellent selection of space cake, 1st bus stop from Centraal
Choice Exact??Low key converted "brown bar", lots to mong out to inside?
Coffee-Boutique BackstageUltrechtsedwarstraat 67, 1017 WC Amsterdam10am - 6pm dailyCoffeeshop within a boutique?
Conscious Dreams AmsterdamKerstrasse 117, 1017 GE Amsterdam?First smartshop in the worldConscious
Conscious Dreams KokopelliWarmoestrasse 12, 1012 JD Amsterdam11am - midnight dailySmartshop?
Cum Laude CoffeeshopLangbrugsteeg 7a, 1012 GB Amsterdam10am - 1am dailySmall and cosy, good place to people watch, regular discounts & high tec weighing system?
De DampkringHangboogstraat 29, Amsterdam?Quite large, psycadelic decor?
De Oude KerkHarlemmerstraat 44, Amsterdam?Nice view of canal from window, friendly staff?
De OverkantVon Limburgstirumplein 26, Amsterdam?Site of the annual Cannabis Plain Festival?
De Tweede KamerHeistg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam10am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 2am FridayHighly recommended, some of the best draw in Amsterdam, popular with locals?
Double ReggaeNiuewendike, Amsterdam?Orange bud recommended, reggae all day!?
Dread RockOudez Voorburgwal 67, 1012 EK Amsterdam12am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 12am - 3am Friday & Saturday2 pool tables, big screen for football matches, reggae music?
Dutch FlowersSingel 387, Amsterdam?Highly recommended, excellent draw (avalanche recommended), spacious inside, helpful staffDutch Flowers
ExtaseOudehoogstraat 2, Amsterdam?Lots of plants around the shop, knowledgable staff, good deals on hash, in the middle of the Red Light District
FreeadamOude Hoogstrasse 13, 1012 CD Amsterdam?Reggae themed, popular with the young, very
FrontpageZoutsteeg 14, Amsterdam9am - midnight Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 2am Friday & Saturday2 floors, small shop in cosy alley, board & computer games
Global ChillageKerkstrasse 51, 1017 GC Amsterdam1pm - 1am dailyChill out zone with a Goa vibe, lots of sitting go floors etc.Global
Oudebrugsteeg 16, 1012 JP Amsterdam8am - 1am Monday - Thursday, 7am - 3am Friday & Saturday, 7am - 1am Sunday3 floors, pool tables, juice bar, souvenir shop, touristy, average
NZ Voorburgwal 59, 1012 RD Amsterdam8am - 1am Monday - Thursday, 7am - 3am Friday & Saturday, 7am - 1am SundayTouristy, average draw, not one of my
Green HouseWaterlooplein 345, 1011 PG Amsterdam9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 2am Friday & SaturdayRegular winner of the High Times Cup, cool decoration inside, excellent draw, seed shopGreen
Green HouseTolstraat 91, VG Amsterdam9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 2am Friday & StaurdayRegular winner of the High Times Cup, AK47 recommended, average size, original Green House shopGreen
Green HouseOudez Voorburgwal 191, 1012 EW Amsterdam9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 9am -3am Friday & SaturdayRegular High Times cup winner, best draw in the area, not cheap houghGreen
Greenhouse EffectWarmoesstraat 55, 1012 Amsterdam
Actually two places, a bar with a coffeeshop next door, okay draw, music cool in bar, not so good in coffeeshopGreenhouse
Grey AreaOude Leilestr 2, 1015 AW AmsterdamMidday - 10pm, closed MondaysOne of my personal favourites, probably the best draw in Amsterdam, very small with some cool glass
Happy HouseNieuwmarkt 14, 1012 CR Amsterdam
Quiet shop, not sure if it's still there
Hemp Museum148 Oudezides, Amsterdam?Not really a coffeeshop, but worth a visit any way
Hemp HotelFrederksplien 15, 1017 XK Amsterdam
Virtually everything in the hotel is made from hemp, from the soap and shampoo to the breakfasts!Hemp
Het Wonder13 Huidenstraat, Amsterdam
Small and friendly, run by an english lady, best cuppa tea in Amsterdam
Hill Street BluesWarmoestraat 52a, 1012 JG Amsterdam9am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 9am - 2am/3am Friday & SaturdaySo named because it's next to a Police station, long thin room, well worth a visit
Homegrown FantasyNieuwez Voorburgwal 87a, 1012 RE Amsterdam9am - midnight Weekdays, 9am - 1am WeekendsThe coolest coffeeshop in Amsterdam, work by local artists on the wall and some excellent drawHomegrown
Hunter's BarWarmoesstraat 24, Amsterdam
Biker hangout
Inner Space Smart ShopSpuistrasse 108, 1012 VA Amsterdam10am - 10pm Tuesday - Saturday, 12am - 10pm Sunday & MondaySmartshop, claims to be associated with the Amsterdam Tourist Board!
Kadinsky CoffeeshopRosmerinjnsteeg 9, Amsterdam10am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 2am FridayNice view for people watching, high tech weighing system, regular discounts
La CannaNieuwendk 123 - 125, 1012 MD Amsterdam10am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 3am Friday & Saturday3 floors, several pool tables and large TV's, headshop (mushrooms etc), some nice, some average drawLa
Lucky MothersKeizersgracht 665, Amsterdam10.30am - 10pm Sunday - Thursday, 10.30am - midnight Friday & SaturdayDelicious food, especially the Hemp Burgers, lots of plants and art about, chill out space in basement
Machu PicchuAmstel 36, Amsterdam11am - 11pm dailyInca themed coffeeshop, good space cake, lots of bongs and chillums to use, full english breakfast served in the summer
ParadoxEerste Bloemdwarsstraat 2, Amsterdam9am - 7pm Monday - Saturday, 11am - 7pm SundaysBeautiful interior and delicious health food,
Pink FloydHaarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam8am - 8pm daily3 floors, smartshop, Sky Sports, boardgames, one for Pink Floyd
RuslandRusland 14 - 16, 1012 CL Amsterdam10am - 1pm daily3 floors, large TV screen, good breakfasts and
Sensemillia CoffeeshopZoelenkerkstrasse 1, 1069 HS Amsterdam10am - 1pm dailyExcellent food, 3 x Sensemillia Cup
StixUltrechtsestraat 21, 1017 VH Amsterdam
Jazz themed, good place to chill last thing at night, friendly
Sunny Corner Coffeeshop

Huge windows, nice mural inside shop
T BallonetjeRoeterstraat 12, 1012 WD Amsterdam10am - midnight dailyGood breakfasts and lunches, good milkshakes, nice variety of draw
T KruydenhuysKeizersgracht 665, Amsterdam10am - 1am dailyRecently refurbished, very good
T-BootOude Schans 143, Amsterdam10am - midnight dailyConverted house boat, worth visiting if it's sunny otherwise wrap up very warm!
The CoinWarmoestraat 37, 1017 SV Amsterdam7am - 1am dailyHas it's own bar next door, The Sower, also sells smart drinks
The DolphinsKerkstraat 39, Amsterdam10am - 1am Sunday - Thursday, 10am - 3am Friday & SaturdayNice looking shop inside and out, pool tables downstairs, white/royal dolphin
The DoorsSingel 14, 1013 GA Amsterdam10am - 1am Sunday & Tuesday - Thursday, 11am - 1am Monday, 10am - 2am Friday & SaturdayOne for Doors fans
The Essential Seeds CompanyHekelveld 2, 1012 SN AmsterdamOpen 7 days a weekLargest collection of seeds in Amsterdam
The NoonZieseniskade 22, Amsterdam
Friendly staff, wide range of bongs and food and drinkThe
The SmartzoneSt Annendwstrasse 30, 1012 HC Amsterdam
Excellent smartshop
When Nature CallsKeizersgr 508, 1017 EJ Amsterdam
Another good smartshop
Willie Wortel CoffeeshopRaamsingel 16a, 2012 DS Amsterdam
Crazy place, claims to be biggest coffeeshop in the

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