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Welcome to The Amsterdam Coffee shop guide, the most laid back place on the Internet!
Not just a plant, but a way of life

Welcome to my webpage which is dedicated to the great city of Amsterdam and it's coffee shop scene. I have been to Amsterdam several times and know how intimidating it can seem to a first time visitor with so many different shops offering a bewildering array of different and exotically named strains. The purpose of this site is to give the visitor to Amsterdam a guide to the coffee shop scene, where the best places are, what you can expect while there and what sort of things to watch out for while you're staggering home in a haze!

I have divided this website into 5 sections;

  • The map - See which coffee shops are where, what they sell etc.
  • Links - Some of my favourite websites
  • Pictures - Some great pictures of everyones favourite beneficial herb
  • Directory - A list of all the coffeeshops I know about complete with links
  • Message board - Coming soon

Mail me!If you have any comments about the website, have a favourite coffee shop you want featured or just want to get something off your chest please click on the leaf to

Whilst I have tried to keep advertising to a minimum, some is still neccesary to cover the basic costs of running this website, so if you could find your way to visit some of the sponsers I will be eternally grateful.

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