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"Bioshock 2” proves story driven games can still thrive
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

If I had to peg one reason why my enthusiasm for first person shooting games faded out years ago it would most likely be the lack of a gripping story. In fact, video games on the console drove me to not to play anything other than PC games for the same reason after the retirement of the Super Nintendo with no revival until the first Xbox variant.

During my self-imposed console hiatus I became more and more hooked on story adventure games along the lines of the Kings Quest series as well as Role Playing and Strategy titles. Thankfully even though this selection from 2K is from the first person perspective it feels like you could just as easily have read this in a book as well as it comes across. Where “Bioshock 2” lacks in any one area, it makes up for in keeping you interested in what happens next.

The story picks up several years after the last one went off, but isn’t so much of a sequel as it is another tale from the same nightmarish environment. Players find themselves returning to the failed underwater utopian empire known as Rapture, this time as a Big Daddy called Subject Delta (A creature that looks like a steampunk version of a villain from Scooby Doo ironically) separated from the little sister he once protected.

The reason for this separation is Sofia Lamb, a psychiatrist that has somehow brought a twisted order to the chaos. Your mission is to reunite with your little sister, Eleanor, and take down your fill of wigged-out residents with a variety of weapons that is just too much fun. Personally, I can get behind almost any offering that allows you to mentally set someone ablaze with the wave of your hand.

The one thing I enjoyed quite a bit was the role playing element of the game and only wish I could have upgraded my character even more than I did. You can carry this fun over to the Xbox Live where you can download additional content or play silly multiplayer games like “Capture the Sister,” with optional football uniform.

The environments and music were done in a way that made it feel both historical and nostalgic (loved the 30s/40s diddies during the loading screen). This game would probably better be suited for rental, unless you need another multiplayer bash-em-up since it can easily be completed with a few days of heavy gaming (I only draw things out because of that day job I like to collect a paycheck from). Since I did not suffer like my foes underneath my character’s comically oversized drill, I will glady give “Bioshock 2” for the Xbox 360 four out of six toggles.

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