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For your own torture and amusement, the Pathetic Random Photo page has been taken over by peeps. This idea started out as a contest at the blogging site xanga via Sir Spamalot and fell flatter on it's face than a plea deal by Lindsay Lohan. Still, The usual janitor of this site and one other crazed fan decided to put together their own spin on marshmallow dioramas gone wrong. Enjoy and thank you.

We'll start off with the only entry to the contest, one by a lovely contestant from a far off state, Rebecca Blain or on Xanga as Photographics.

She has titled this selection: "Peepnick."

I had a more gruesome idea in mind, perhaps not safe for the morbidly adverse or diabetic. Mine is called, "Peepy Todd."

Fan Ride

Took me a lot less time than I thought it would, but then again I could have gone even more complicated, heck I thought about doing a Civil War Battle too. As an extra treat I have even created the latest Block It Web Comic with a musical montage for this diorama. But that's not all, for you super geeky battletech types, the All My Hexes got peeped out as well.

However you feel like legally spending time with the most recognizable gooey animal treat, we all know where most of them will end up.... decorating our intestines....or cookies....then the latter. Until next year, maybe.

Previous Random Photo: Jerk Dog.


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