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The Democratic economic plan…It’s all about love for the poor
By Don Hellion

You are probably wondering why the Democrats have put together an economic program that destroys jobs and business. It’s simple…They love the poor. The truth of the matter is the Democrat love the poor and feel that there are not enough poor people. This fact causes the Democrats much distress. In an effort to address the problem of a shortage of poor people the democrats have embarked on a program to create more of the poor people they love so much. This program has several sections.
First, raise taxes, especially for small businesses. The people have too much money to spend on stuff they can live without. By raising taxes this excess money is taken away from them and take enough and they become poor.
Second ,destroy jobs. People need jobs to earn money no jobs no money and they become poor.
Third, raise prices. If you raise prices, the money the people have is worth less… making them poorer.
The beauty of this program is that it is self sustaining, once you start creating poor the creation of more poor accelerates (Poorconomics!).
Now, there is a reason the Democrats love the poor so much…It’s because the poor love them. After all, once you are poor you need government subsidies and the Democrats are all about that so once you become poor you have to love the Democrats and vote for them….Or you get cut off (really brings a whole new meaning to arm and a leg). The poor show their love for the Democrats by voting for them. If they don’t show their appreciation to the Democrats for giving them their subsidies they are cut off (again with the body parts, call me stubs). So they make sure they show their appreciation for the love they are shown by the Democrats by voting for them (Wordonomics!).
The Democrats point out they don’t want that much in return. They just want to be able to tell people what to drive (Donkeymobiles), what to eat (Donkey Burgers) what to wear (Donkey Sweaters), what to drink (Donkey Shakes), where to live (Donkey huts) and what kind of medical treatment they can get (Donkeynomics!). What’s wrong with that ? Don’t people know they aren’t smart enough to make decisions like that anyway?
And what’s with the middle class and rich people objecting to the poverty creation programs anyway? Don’t they want to join the poor and be loved and cared for by the government? It’s all the fault of talk radio and Fox TV. They keep filling peoples heads with all these silly notions about peoples rights and small government (and the sexy sexy hair tips by Bill O‘Reily). These subversive groups keep bringing up the Constitution (Constitutionomics?). Don’t they realize that it’s out dated? People need to understand that Big Brother will watch over them all they have to do is surrender and all will be well.
Everybody needs to relax…Big Brother is watching you (Except during blackout games).

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