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Welcome to the seventh Really Pathetic News Network Game Review, circa 4/23/2005.

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 for PC.
Submitted By, Atlas360

You awaken in a medical facility, a strange voice echoes in your mind like a splinter that can't get out.
You emerge from the healing tank and begin your journey...

Welcome to Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (KOTOR 2).
5 years after the story of Revan and his/her exploits you awaken with little memory of what happened.
Apparently you (your character) joined Revan and the Mandolorian Wars, the Council exiled you, and you gave up your lightsaber.

So now you followed Revan in the Jedi Civil War, that's when your memory is hazy.
For some reason you are on the Ebon Hawk, a little droid (T3-M4) is there,
a strange woman (Keia), and a thief and scoundrel (Atton) all join you in your quest plus others who you collect later.

So the idea is to find out what happened those 5 years and fix the universe or completely screw up the universe.

Either way your exploit will end when you face something darker than the Sith.

Basically the game works out like the first one but there are some differences:

-The original was limited in how you could become evil.
In KOTOR if you killed innocents, kicked puppies, used dark powers, etc you became Sith;
in KOTOR 2 if you mention using power for yourself to your people or even entertain the idea of double crossing someone you slowly sink into the dark side.

-Influence is key in KOTOR 2, the more you influence certain characters the quicker they too can become Jedi!

-The KOTOR 2 storline allows you to determine if Revan was (Male/Female) (Jedi/Sith).

Praises of the game:
The dialogue is refreshing in this game, sometimes you honestly don't know which side anyone is on!
Weapon customization is fun and recycling unneeded items helps out with the inventory.
The more skill you have the better stuff you can create, no need looking for medpacks just make your own!
Carth Onasi and Bastila are in the game but minor cameos.
HK-47! Need I say more meatbag?! He joins your group after you rebuild him.
The PC version can be patched once they get those patches in.

Gripes of the game (get a hard hat ready):
It seems that this game was rushed and it was, there are constant bugs with some levels, and the ending just let me down IMO.
Of course I've only played as a Male Jedi so I haven't tried all the options, but it is confirmed that the PC version does have some of the neutered voice dialouge in the files.

They should have taken more time on this, had they actually finished it up this would have blown away the original.
As it is right now its okay, so I give it a low 4 near high 3.

Basic Assessment:
If you are a KOTOR fan get it, if you just found out about KOTOR and want to dive into this world go get the original first then make a decision.

Thank goodness there will be a KOTOR 3.

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