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Movie Review

'I Am Number Four' a tolerable option for weak movie period
By Ezra Mann (Editor in Spoof)

Though I try to keep an open mind when it comes to just about any movie genre, there are simply some examples that I will most likely never be able to relate with. One of those, even when I was of the target demographic myself, is of the Teen Angst category.
Now, I can put up with a small helping of authority sucks so I’m going to stick it to adults, but too much and the material might as well be washed down the drain with Teen Nick or MTV reality television. This was another of those movies that I didn’t even know was out there and had a good dose of its own angst, though at a level that did not blow an otherwise entertaining night out. “I Am Number Four” was a pleasant last minute decision that may be on the track for another viewing.
The best way I can describe this film is that it resembles something like a mix of “Superman” meets alien invasion with hints of “X-men” and that animated flick, “9.” The main character of this story, John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), is not from around this planet and has apparently been on the run his entire life trying to avoid being wiped out by genocidal aliens.
There are apparently others like him, though three others have so far missed their chance at living a full life and it appears he is next on the list. However, that won’t stop him from trying to blend in with other high school kids, even bonding with earthlings like nerdy friend Sam Goode (Callan McAuliffe) and hot babe who happens to be the football star’s ex-squeeze, Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron). Oh yeah, there’s also the thing about him discovering that he has freakishly cool super powers. Don’t expect too much from the corniness that ensues, but I was able to leave relatively impressed with what could be a whole series.
The villains themselves don’t stand out too much and are just there to fill the role. The visuals and script are decent enough for what they are and both seem to satisfy the male need for blowing stuff up and the chick flick love moments for the gals.
It’s pretty safe to have just about anyone watch this and unless you have Amish-like values, you probably won’t be offended. In the end, since the really good stuff won’t be out until at least mid to late spring, this is one of the better picks you could go with. As a result, the verdict for “I Am Number Four” would be three out of five galaxies.

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