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News article for the week of 1/20/08.

Culinary Killer continues to baffle investigators!
By, Cozmic (Related Articles- Culinary Killer on the Loose Killer strikes again!)

Two more victims fell to the culinary killer the past week, and antidotes were issued out for two more who managed to detect the poison early. However, since the other two deaths, both food critics, were near instantaneous, it is possible the two surviving victims were simply trying to scam their way out of paying the tab. Regardless, police are still left with very little clues, as the latest deaths included cyanide, Organophosphate, and two strychnine poisonings. Food critics are now more and more sure that they are now the targets, but most of them are so full of themselves that the police does not seem to care.
However, the various style of the poisoning is very troubling, as it means that the killer seems to switch his modus operandi constantly, or, as has been feared, the culinary killer has spawned copycats, murderers who try to mimic their hero, which might lead to a surge of death by various poisons or bland food. The variation among these copycats will further make the investigation harder, as very little information about the culinary killers true motives is known.
Another theory has also been revealed, hearkening back to the first murders of the killer. A detective assigned to the case, who wished to remain anonymous, said that it is possible they are just dealing with a very deranged chef, one who picks his poison after what is best suited to the dish in question. So now the police have added “deranged psychotic chef” to the list, after realizing that he or she is probably not Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver.
This manages to barely narrow down the search, since TV writers are now officially off the hook, along with all farmers who are busy on their farms. Neo-Nazis and terrorists are still suspected, although this might simply be an excuse to arrest them all on sight and hope they resist arrest.
While citizens fear going to restaurants where people do not wear paper hats, and wondering why nobody has arrested, or at least suspected, Ronald McDonald for unethical business practices, the police and the FBI are putting more and more resources into finding the culprit, fearing he might be in their city and simultaneously hoping to be the one who has the glory of catching one of the worlds most mystical serial killers ever.

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