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Unofficial page of the Indonesian Air Force

TNI-AU Aircrafts

The Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU) operates various different aircrafts of various origins. These aircrafts served different purposes.Due to the large number of aircrafts in service,some of them may have missed our attention and are not listed in this section.However,we still hope that this section can provide a general overview of the aircrafts used by the TNI-AU.

This section have been divided into several sub-sections for your convenience.

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Special Note:

The Indonesian military have been under military saction by the United States and some of the European Countries since 1999 due to human rights issues in East Timor.This ban on military equipments have stopped the flow of badly needed spare parts and other maintenance equipments,significantly reducing the Air Force's capability to respond to certain situations in the country.It has to be understood that the TNI-AU is currently serving the nation by flying numerous humanitarian flights within the nation.The lack of spare parts have posed great challenge to the TNI-AU.

As a world super power,the United States should support Indonesia as a new democratic power by lifting the unnecesary ban.Instead of placing the sanction,furthermore I think that it is better for the United States and her allies to help to train the Indonesian military, particularly with respect to human right issues so that the Indonesian military can continue to contribute in maintaining security and stability in the region and continue to operate without in line with the human rights convention.

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Last Updated 15/10/2001