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About 10 minutes later we were at the trail head and in another 5 we were ready to begin the hike.  It was 9:30 am on a beautiful morning with clear skys and no sign of rain.  Here is a picture of the happy hikers just before we got started.  That's me with the red bandana.  Thanks George for the use of your picture.

The trail begins on the mauka side of a cul-de-sac climbing a steep paved road with a chain across it.  Five minutes or so up the paved road there is a water tank and the end of the pavement.  The trail continues on what was once an old Hawaiian Electric road or a ranch road.  Once upon a time cattle were run in this area and the old barb wire fencing still can be seen.  In the picture below the chain link fence on the left  is around the water tank and the barb wire fence is on the right.