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Halapepenui Trail

November 17th 2001

This trail is an almost loop in the Pearl City area.  I say "almost loop" because it starts on one ridge and ends on another.  The loop is completed by car.  I prefer to do the loop in a counter clockwise direction.  The reason is the first part is quite easy and any beginners can always just turn around and walk back to the cars.  The trail head if you go counter clockwise is at the top of Ka`ahumanu Street which runs up Waiau Ridge.

The instructions that went out to the hikers was meet at the top of Waimano Home Road.  This is where the hike would end.  Meeting time was 9:00 am.  When I arrived George and Lan were waiting along with new hikers Inez who brought along her two daughters and son.  Soon Jessica showed up w/o Jeff.  It seems Jeff earned a blister or something on his foot while playing racket ball.  All we need was for Bill to show and we could leave for the trail head.  We waited about 15 minutes and no Bill.  So we piled into Inez's van and George's car, leaving behind my truck and Jessica's car.

The below map shows the route to the Waimano Home meeting place in red and to the trail head in blue.  The horizontal red rectangle is the gate for the Waimano Home.  The vertical red rectangle is the parking area for hikers.