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Katie Jane Garside~sings
Vince Johnson~drums
Crispin Gray~guitar
Richard Adams~bass

Daisy Chainsaw were one the most original bands from the early 90's to escape virtually unknown.

This site exists because I was tired of not being able to find information on Daisy Chainsaw on the internet!
There was nothing out there on this terrific UK band when I first got online!?!
A few sites popped up but nothing of great detail and all soon were abandoned.
Daisy Chainsaw where such an exciting band that got minimum exposure and attention in the USA at the time,
but still managed to find a large fan base! They are one of my favorites and I wanted to make an informative site about a rather unknown, forgotten band ...
Then. ..
Queen Adreena emerged, to my surprise... As I launched this site in June 2000.
Information started swirling about the new band and I was adding information about Queen Adreena to the site..
I will try to post QA info here from time to time but I have a lot of other things going on and can't be on top of it all, luckily there are many other informative and beautiful
Queen Adreena sites out there now!!!
This site is for every Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena fan...
It's dedicated to the music made and the interesting mad life of Katrina Jane Garside!
Queen Adreena's third album ~Butcher and the Butterfly~ is available now!

Queen Adreena are signed to One Little Indian, same label they were signed with as Daisy Chainsaw. Their first two records, Taxidermy and Drink Me are available as pricey imports. Most of the USA has not had a proper introduction to the band or their brillant albums... but that is changing now since the release of BATB..
They've played tons of astonishing shows all over the UK. Performed at many festivals and really need to give the States a whirl.. their fans deserve it!
Queen Adreena have mesmerised UK audiences with a display of what their extraordinary music and live shows are capable of... leaving people very eager to discover more!
Join the Gruesome Group
It's the original mailing list/group for Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena!

Live Track available:
A BED OF ROSES Live from Northampton Soundhaus 6.10.02
Available under the Files section only at the Gruesome Group!
Information, updates as well as QA MERCHANDISE available now
More goodies coming here soon!

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