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Are very welcome. Seeing how I can't possibly gather everything that has been written about or, that shall be written in the future on these two bands all by myself.. I am ever greatful to people who want to contribute anything DC or QA related! Any help and knowledge of news is appreciated to help contribute to this site! If you can help out in any way, Please get in touch.
This site has become what it is with help from so many people. A dedicated site that has grown with help from many true fans!

~Please tell me if you come acrossed any links not working correctly!~

~Many thanks to the growing list of those who have contributed to this site: Gary Lloyd, Coma, Dire Deparra, Foetus, Jason Pyke, Alan, Matthew, Mick Mercer, John, Steve Laurie, Jon at, Jacqui Williams took the Dingwalls photos, (QApg 14)!
~This site has been here for you all since since June 2000~