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~* thE FutUre FrEE*~

A list of Daisy Chainsaw and Queen Adreena links.
If you have a related site or know of any others, please get in touch so It can be added here!


~*QueenAdreena*~(the official site)
~*Queen Adreena*~ (great discography site)
~*Somnambulation*~ (japanese fan site!!)
~*Yemaya*~ (great QA fan site)
~*Gruesome*~ (mailing list)
~* Kiss The Witches*~ (new!)
~*Queen Adreena Club*~ (at Yahoo)
~*Queen Adreena's Place*~ (at Yahoo UK)
~*The Wild Weeds*~ (a Katie Jane Group)
~*Queen Adreena Live Journal*~ (lj members only)
~*My Silent Undoing*~ (new!)
~*A Heavenly Surrender*~ (new!)
~*FloorboardWorld*~ (new!)
~*Ragdoll*~ (Katie Jane site)
~*Queen Adreena*~ ( fan site)
~*Queen Adreena*~ ( uk fan site)
~*Queen Adreena JP*~ (another japanese site)
~*Queen Adreena live pictures*~
~*more QueenAdreena live pictures*~
~*She Knows*~ (Melanie Garside)

~*DC album info*~
~*QA album info*~
~*Volume1*~ (info)
~*Volume3*~ (info)
~*TestDepartment*~ (info)
~*Frostbite*~ (info)