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In Memoriam of the crew of STS-107
Febuary 1st, 2003

"Well Hi 2 You All!"

Thanks for stopping by.I would like to tell you what is waiting for you inside. My first Page has Free blank Banners, but not just one page, there are 2 of them. A Page of F-Keys for WebTv, hope there is some info that you can use. There is a little bit of everything.

Also i made a page that tells a little about me, nothing special,i have some thumbnails in it to look at my home town. Don't fall asleep if you dare to read it. LOL


On the next page you will find State Flages.Next are the Web Rings i belong to.

If you would like me to put your Banner on my page email me and i'll be happy to do so.

The following is Awards i have won.I am very proud and honored. There are so many People who thought my Pages are worthy of their awards, and i thank each and every one of them.

Thank You

Lucille,Nick,Gail, Mike,Chris,Brian,David,Bruce, B's,Teri,Doug,DeliLama, Rexy,RUA,Shavian,Lee Ann, Bridey,Debra,Daisy, Z-WebWorks,Sherry,Janet,Ruby,HawaiianHale,JC & Cheryl, John,Ryan,Phillis,Daniel,Mr.Sands,Allie,Stilz, Barbara,Ginks,Elisabeth,Lucille,Moon,Bass,Karen,Sash, Raven,Bonnie,John,Brad,Victor,Goldie,Renee,Jeanne, Pamela,BabyDoll,Bradley & Tuanna,Sam,Gina, George Crofton, MSgt.Ret,PuDDyKatt,Mark,Webtv Tour Guid, JeanEvelyn,Joyce,Wolf's Claw,Sandy,Jean,BabyDoll, Panamas net,Sandy again,GlimerMan,KoolBreeze and last but certainaly not least ~Philip~

Would it be nice to have a bunch of buttons all on one spot? Well now there is right here,just click on the banner and you find all kinds of buttons.

You will also find awards that i give, and a award winners page,at the present time there are lots of Winners. Why don't you have a look and click on their pages they are realy great, informative and fun.

The next Page is from my wife whom i love dearly. She put poems in her page about her Parents and her Sister which passed on to soon, also a page of our little Grandson, may he rest in peace, please check it out and sign her guestbok. She also has some awards to give.

Would you like to put Words on a gif or jpg? This Page will tell you how

Go to Annolating

I would like to thank "Aylana" for letting me put up this page.

Please do NOT copy this Page, it is copywriten. Thanks Bill

Do you wish to improve your Search Ranking I put up a page to give you a little idea what they want. Go to this Page

Need to find something? Here is a great Search Engine.

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If you would like to see the winning pages of my Millenium Award Click Here

I was lucky to have a panel of 3 judges who voted on the best sites. A total of 30 aplications where submitted for consideration, and 12 pages are winners. Go and have a look at the pages. Every site that was submitted was super, but the award was only given to a view. This award will NOT be offered again.

Now that you read everything,go to my F-Key's, hope you can use some of the links.I also want to thank all of you who made it possible that my F-Key on page 1 hit the 10K on 8/28/99 after only being public for 5 months.I lost the counter on my 1st. F-Key do to adding this page as my main page as you can see it is now on this page.

Oh by the way, don't forget to sign my guest book.Thanks

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